functional printing

The term “functional printing” covers innovative printing processes for many applications and solutions from different vertical markets. Such as printed electronics: that is, printing conductive plastics or inks on fi lms and foils or other substrates, for example, in entertainment electronics and the automotive sector and increasingly in other industries such as the health care sector.

Also smart packages: intelligent packaging with added functions are printed with special, screen, digital, inkjet, and last but not least, 3D printing on a wide variety of materials, for example, on metal, plastic, fi lms and foils, textiles, glass, ceramics, and wood.

In the textile printing sector, new technologies and products such as digital textile printing machines and inks make numerous options possible for producing textile products that are adapted to the customer’s specifi c requirements in the residential sector, interior furnishings, fast fashion, decorative fabrics, banners, sports clothing, and many other applications.

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