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drupa Team


Team members and telecommunication data of Messe Duesseldorf's drupa organisational team.


Exhibitor Services
Jennifer Dübelt Jennifer Dübelt

Hotline Technical Service
Service Service

Admission Tickets / Exhibitor Passes / Vouchers
Roswitha Okrey-Koll Roswitha Okrey-Koll
Gabriele Birkenstock Gabriele Birkenstock

Logistics / Traffic (e.g. parking permits, traffic regulations)
Arthur Lenhardt Arthur Lenhardt
Janina Düe Janina Düe
Gregor Ehrhardt Gregor Ehrhardt
Werner Arnold Werner Arnold

Advertising & Promotion Services
Michael Wöstmann Michael Wöstmann
Kerstin Abram Kerstin Abram

Internet Services / NewMedia
Jörk Cardeneo Jörk Cardeneo

Press & Public Relations Services
Monika Kissing Monika Kissing
Anne Schröer Anne Schröer

CCD. - Congress Center Organisation
Hannah Winter Hannah Winter

Rental of Container / Open Area Space
Thomas Schindler Thomas Schindler

Stand Cleaning / Waste Management / Surveillance + Security
Hans-Georg Klapdor Hans-Georg Klapdor

Technical Services
Hotline Hotline

Storage / Space for Supply Purposes (e.g. container, tents, trucks)
Guido Pape Guido Pape
Thomas Schindler Thomas Schindler
Hans-Georg Klapdor Hans-Georg Klapdor
Markus Hemsing Markus Hemsing

Work + Safety
Markus Leuker Markus Leuker
Michael Schmitz Michael Schmitz

Rudolf Grospitz Rudolf Grospitz

Design Booth Construction
Enno Block Enno Block

Hotline Hotline

Project Management
Sabine Geldermann Sabine Geldermann
Undine Flöter Undine Flöter


Further information and functions

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