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Video Reports

Video reports drupa 2012

Day of Newspaper: The media of the future?

Scenes from the newsroom of the New York Times were shown to visitors of drupa cube's last day at drupa 2012.

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Out of Home: Additional benefit through augmented reality

Interactive forms of advertising are in the spotlight when it comes down to joining classical advertising with, for example, QR codes. This strategy appears to be successful - this is the conclusion experts have drawn on the day "Out of Home" at drupa cube.


Future of Print 2: Functional Printing

People having to do with the future of print met on the second day of the Future of Print weekend in the drupa cube and talked about printed batteries and electronic applications such as blisters that help taking the correct doses of medicine as well as trends in the marketing business.


Special day at drupa 2012: The company Sakurai turns 50!

Sakurai celebrates its 50th anniversary and CEO Yoshikuni Sakurai received congratulstions from drupa president Bernhard Schreier and President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH Werner Matthias Dornscheidt.


drupa 2012: The company Kolbus prints book on location

Thanks to the digitalisation of printing books and the automisation of binding them small editions are not a problem anymore. An author wanted to try this out at drupa and contacted the company Kolbus which agreed happily and fulfilled the man's dream when he held his own book in his hands - just four minutes after starting the printing process.


Future of Print 1: Printed Electronics

Solar modules, RFID chips or OLED's - the tenth day of drupa cube conentrated on the future of the print industry. Topics were amongst others the current state of developments of applications as well as challenges for electronic print branch.


Day of Media Production: Nothing will stay as it will be

The Day of Media Production at the drupa cube concentrated on the topic of media convergence. Some key words amongst others are 3D modelling or to connect different media with just one software.


Day of Dialogue Marketing: Letters still on the road to success

The Day of Dialogue Marketing at drupa cube presented surprising results: The adequate means for a good client's contact still is the direct mailing by post despite the competition arising through emails. That is also due to law regulations regarding different distribution channels.


Day of Corporate Publishing: Strategies for high credibility

Day 7 at drupa cube was for companies that are keen on communicating with modern methods. This is best done with the means of corporate publishing according to Michael Höflich, CEO of Forum Corporate Publishing. The advantage of it is high credibility - as long as sophisticated strategies are being elaborated beforehand.


Day of Books: eBooks - ePhobia or ePhoria

ePhobia or ePhoria - fearing eBooks is rather a thing of the past since many traditional publishers have become digital publishers on top of being print publishers. However, future challenges are heavy. A further answer to them may be Social Reading.


Day of Magazines: Print in the real and virtual world

A printed copy alone is not sufficient anymore to succeed in business and bind clients. That is the conclusion of the Day of Magazines at drupa cube. Tablet PC and Co. take up a great part when it comes down to the topic of distribution channels.


Creative Weekend 2: New business fields for photographers

The 2nd day of the Creative Weekend at drupa cube gave input for photographers looking for new business ideas. The chief editor of the German magazine "Profifoto" Thomas Gerwers thinks that the main task for photographers should be to produce for all types of media. This means to not only concentrate on print since there seems to be increasing demand for digital story telling amongst other things.


Creative Weekend 1: From fonts and photography

The Creative Weekend 1 at the drupa cube was dedicated to Typography and Photography. Diego Vainesman, President of the Type Directors Club of New York, spoke about the creative tool fonts. Beat Presser, well-knoen photographer, gave insight into his works that he creates - despite of the digital revolution - with analog technology.


Day of Packaging: From Hightech and Virtual Worlds

Topics such as augmented reality, light emitting packaging or a lot of hightech in packaging printing were in the spotlight at the day of packaging at drupa cube. Also environmental protection takes up an ever greater part with printed photovoltaics or virtual worlds.


drupa 2012: Loudspeakers from an ink-jet

It is hardly possible to get it any thinner. This is true for loud speakers not thicker than a fine piece of paper or for photovoltaic leaves that may one day be part of the future for the printing industry. Further topics: Energy efficiency and printing of books.


print - web - mobile: Benny Landa speaks at drupa cube

drupa cube is a conference space which gives experts from the print and media branch a platform for lectures. The first day was performed following the motto print - web - mobile with speakers such as Benny Landa, father of commercial digital printing. The audience was packed with people.


drupa 2012: Into the future with current conducting structures

Take a look at what will come with current conducting structures printed on foil. This should result in intelligent packaging once it is possible to print entire circuits or even mini PC's. A trend that takes place right now on the other hand is from online to offline: Many people order personal photo books directly from Facebook.


drupa 2012: 20 tons of printing power on the trade fair ground

Setting up the machinery for the drupa 2012. In the hall of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG logistic experts will set up 2000 tons of printing equipment. We focussed on one percent of it.