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Video interviews at dip

Video interviews at dip

The dip energy lounge in the drupa innovation park is the location for interesting daily interviews on innovations, technologies and trends in the dip. The interviews on the red sofa with daily changing interview partners are presented by Sandra Winter, Coordintor of the dip and Knud Wassermann, Editor in Chief of the Graphische Revue, on the red sofa.


The drupa playlist of videos from dip

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Interview with Daniel Pierret, CEO of DP Lenticular Ltd.

DP Lenticular is a special partner and sponsor of dip. The CEO Daniel Pierret talks about the adavantage exhibiting at dip for small companies, what his company shows at drupa 2012 such as a special lenticular sheeet for large formats and what is behing a lenticular image.


Simon Davis from at dip digital imaging park

Simon Davis from the company holds a lecture at the digital imaging park at dip about web to print. The w3p is a 3rd generation print system for commercial printers and is introduced in detail.


Print meets Mobile: Nikolai Ladanyi und Michael List im dip

In der Energy Lounge sitzen Nikolai Ladanyi von der Firma Pad Publisher und Michael List von der Firma Cardolution und sie sprechen über innovative Papierlösungen, abnehmende Auflagezahlen und wie man Druckformate auf mobile Endgeräte bringt - ohne Zusatzkosten.


E-Business to go: Vortrag von Wolfgang Boretius, Geschäftsführer im dip

Der Vortrag von Wolfgang Boretius, Geschäftsführer des Softwareunternehmens, über E-Business-to-go streift die Themen Web-to-Print, Out-of-the-Box, Business-Templates und Anwendungsbeispiele.


Anfahrts- und Umgebungskarten: Interview mit Rolf Richter, locr GmbH

Anfahrts- und Umgebungskarten in Mailings sind das Thema im Interview mit Rolf Richter von der locr GmbH in der dip Energy Lounge. Der Geschäftsführer spricht über die Besonderheiten der locr-Maps, die in bester Qualität gedruckt werden können.


Interview with Martin Bailey, CTO of Global Graphics, in the dip Energy Lounge

The dip Energy Lounge today welcomes Martin Bailey, chief technology officer of Global Graphics. He speaks about the company's print products, his presence at the drupa innovation park and very detailed information on RIPs.


Interview mit Horst Huber, CEO von Werk II in der dip-Energy Lounge

Databased Publishing ist das Thema von Horst Huber in der dip-Energy Lounge. Der CEO von Werk II spricht über die Rolle des Print in der Zukunft. Als Hauptinformationskanal werde Print wohl weiter an Bedeutung verlieren, aber der CEO sagt eine Wiedergeburt des Print schon jetzt voraus - dank des Coolheit-Faktors.


Automatic image enhancement: Interview with John de Jong, CEO of ELPICAL

John de Jong, CEO of ELPICAL, talks about automatic image enhancement, the products of his company, their highlight called organic imaging and the graphic arts industry and cloud solutions.


Green Printing: Interview with Scott Newell, and Matthew Littler ILFORD Imaging

Scott Newell and Matthew Littler speak about how green printing can become and introduce the companies and ILFORD Imaging.


James E. Harvey from CIP4 Organization sums up 14 days of dip

Executive Director James E. Harvey from CIP4 Organization gives a summary on how drupa 2012 went. The mood of people exhibiting and visiting was great and a lot of people visiting dip came from Asia.


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