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The Good Old Noticeboard Still Around

The Good Old Noticeboard Still Around


The good old noticeboard is still alive at Hewlett Packard booth in hall 4.

People twitter, post, blog, text, chat and exchange info via WhatsApp, Youtube, Flickr and Pinterest – modern communication goes without saying at drupa 2012. But the good old noticeboard is still alive and enjoying great popularity. Under the heading “Write your Future” at the Hewlett Packard stand you can post personal wishes for the future on the “Future Wall” and in so doing convey your hopes, dreams and ambitions. These notices are as different as drupa visitors themselves – messages in many languages like “health and great happiness in life”, “une grande maison (a big house)”, “crecer cada día (grow every day)”, “Greece is rich”, “my own printing shop”, “motivate and inspire people with my work”, “to never grow up. When people tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing”, “Fun fun fun and print” and “to buy an HP Indigo digital press as soon as possible”. Incidentally: anyone no longer able or willing to use a pen and paper can find the Future Wall online.