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Exhibitors’ Quotes on drupa 2012

Exhibitors’ Quotes on drupa 2012


Atlantic Zeiser
Marcus Geigle, Communications Manager

“We didn't have very big expectations about the number of visitors but never the less those that came were of a very high quality and that is the most important thing to us. For Atlantic Zeiser it enables us to really see if our product offering hits the right point for our key industry sectors in packaging - pharmaceutical and cosmetics -and we have. The second big point is the topic of hybrid printing and for the first time we are showing a solution on the KBA Rapida 105 (Hall 16 Stand C56) using our Delta system. This is proof that digital print solutions are now able to cover the same high speed and quality as offset. We are now showing that it is a reality.”

CIP4 Organization
Jim Harvey, Executive Director

“You can get more done in one day at drupa than in a month at the office. I’ve visited most of our over 90 members around drupa and in the dip, and everyone reports a high volume of visitors and high levels of interest. With the recent troubles over the past few years, it’s nice to see the smiles on the faces both printers and vendors here at drupa and sense a positive attitude about the industry throughout drupa.”

Harry Raaphorst, Managing Director

"drupa was my first show in the role of Managing Director for DirectSmile and what a show to start with! It has been a huge success for us. Presenting in the dip provided a great platform to communicate the power of personalised marketing campaigns to visitors and our booth was always busy with printers from around the world who were keen to watch us demonstrate the new features of DirectSmile Cross Media. It was fantastic to meet so many of our customers and hear about their latest, most creative campaigns, as well as speak to numerous people looking to explore the new business opportunities available to them by introducing cross media marketing services. I’d also like to express our gratitude to our worldwide partners and resellers for their support and cooperation during the show.”

Jeff Stoffels, Director Corporate Marketing

"Esko had a great drupa. Not only did we overachieve our targets for sales and leads, but also received confirmation that our long term strategy for integrated end-to-end solutions integrating with other business systems is the right one. At this 'all-digital' drupa, our industry searches for powerful solutions to become more efficient, consistent and productive. Visitors to our booth reacted very positively to Esko's enterprise solutions, and how they help to improve customer design, pre-press and production workflows."
David Mausolf, CEO

"A very good show, attendance has been excellent! Being in the dip’s Green Printing Park is a bonus, we are busy with meetings and writing orders."

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
Bernhard Schreier, Vorsitzender des Vorstandes

„Die drupa hat auch diesmal ihren Stellenwert als herausragende Branchenmesse klar behauptet. Für Heidelberg haben sich die Messeerwartungen mehr als erfüllt. Es hat sich ausgezahlt, dass wir in den zurückliegenden und nicht immer einfachen Jahren an unseren Entwicklungsprojekten festgehalten haben. Jetzt können wir auch für die Zukunft optimistisch gestimmt sein.“

Aviv Ratzman, CEO

"drupa was an excellent platform for launching the Highcon Euclid, the Direct-to-Pack concept and the company’s many partnerships. Heavy stand traffic and a standing-room-only press conference demonstrated that drupa is still the place to be. We reached agreements with key distribution channels, gained leads from all over the world and secured a considerable amount of business, exceeding our best estimates and expectations. This was an exceptional company and product launch and we would like to thank all those companies who visited us during the show."

HP Graphic Solutions Business
Francois Martin, Worldwide Marketing Director

"drupa 2012 has been an incredible show for HP. We came with transformative innovations and customers responded very positively enabling us to exceed our sales target for the show very early on. We also enjoyed outstanding individual product successes, especially with the new B2 HP Indigo 10000 for which we doubled our sales target. The new HP Indigo 5600 and HP Indigo 7600 also sold in huge numbers, and our labels and packaging presses did very well too. What’s more, our HP Inkjet Web Press Series was very successful at the show, highlighting the continued transformation in publishing and transactional production. Our large format business did extremely well too, with strong sales across all continents for HP Latex products and the new HP Scitex FB7600. As such, drupa 2012 proved itself this year to be a show for all ‘print’ markets where visitors come to do business around commercially available solutions. While HP clearly showed its continued commitment and investment in these markets, I wish to thank all HP customers including dscoop members for their confidence and support, and the incredible effort of the HP drupa team which facilitated this success."

Antonio Perez, Chairman & CEO

“Drupa has been an extraordinary show on many fronts - for our industry, our customers and for Kodak. I am very excited about how our customers are embracing change and adding new solutions to create higher value pages for their clients. They have shared with me many examples of how Kodak hybrid products and solutions are the catalyst for this change."

Kuka Roboter GmbH
Peter Fornoff, IBD Manager Print & Paper Industry

"The drupa innovation park is a very good spot for us, a very good point to make contacts and to answer all questions."

Koenig & Bauer AG
Claus Bolza-Schünemann, Vorstandsvorsitzender

Der in Düsseldorf gebuchte Auftragswert liegt deutlich über den Erwartungen. Mit Kunden aus 30 Ländern konnte KBA während der 14 Messetage zahlreiche Verträge über Bogenoffsetmaschinen in allen Formatklassen abschließen. An der Spitze bei den Verkaufszahlen lagen China, Russland, Deutschland, Polen und Frankreich. Dahinter folgten die klassischen Märkte USA, UK, Italien und Skandinavien. Aber auch aus Benelux, Tschechien, Brasilien, Südafrika, der Türkei, Nordafrika, Südostasien, Australien und relativ kleinen Ländern wie Bulgarien, Kroatien und dem Libanon konnte KBA in Relation zur Bevölkerung hohe Auftragseingänge verbuchen. Hinzu kamen einige Bestellungen für Rollenoffsetmaschinen, u. a. aus Deutschland und Frankreich. Die von KBA zur drupa erstmals gezeigte Digitaldruckanlage RotaJET 76 fand ebenfalls sehr großes Interesse. Erste Abschlüsse für die Inkjet-Roation werden in Kürze erwartet. Claus Bolza-Schünemann: "Wir haben mit bestehenden und neuen Kunden viele Verträge unterschrieben. Eine seriöse Bilanz der drupa 2012 können wir und die anderen Aussteller aber erst in einigen Wochen oder Monaten vorlegen, wenn die Anzahlungen unserer Kunden im Haus sind.“

Kai Büntemeyer, Vorsitzender des Vorstandes

„Die drupa 2012 ist für Kolbus eine der bisher besten. Was die konkreten Geschäftsabschlüsse betrifft, sind wir vorsichtig optimistisch in die Messe gestartet – und ich kann sagen: Unsere Erwartungen sind bei weitem übertroffen worden. Wir waren vor allem überrascht von dem hohen Zuspruch aus Brasilien und Indien. Aber auch die konkreten Geschäftsabschlüsse mit Kunden aus Frankreich und UK hatten wir in der Form nicht erwartet. In meinen Augen hat die drupa 2012 eines sehr deutlich gemacht: Intelligente und produktivitätssteigernde Investitionen sind die Voraussetzung für geschäftlichen Erfolg. Für uns als Maschinenbauer könnte es nicht besser laufen.“

Benny Landa, Founder, Chairman & CEO

"I imagined that we would have a big impact, but what really overwhelmed me is how customers have responded so amazingly to our message, technology and strategy of partnering with industry leaders. Their response to the opportunity that Landa Nanographic™ Printing brings with its potential to transform mainstream commercial, packaging and publishing markets has been staggering. We have received unprecedented levels of interest and orders (Letters of Intent with deposit) for our family of sheetfed and web presses, with the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing™ Press, with its B1 format, the clear winner. Throughout the show, our stand has been packed with visitors and our theatre presentation entitled “Nano. Bigger than you think” has been fully booked days in advance.

MGI Digital Graphic Technology
Victor Abergel, Executive Vice President, Managing Director

„Das ist unsere fünfte drupa und wir hatten noch nie einen solchen Messeerfolg wie 2012. Alle unsere Hauptkunden waren bei uns auf dem Stand und wir konnten 14 Messetage lang gute Geschäftsabschlüsse erzielen, sogar noch an den letzten beiden Tagen. An unserem Stand waren hochkarätige Fachbesucher aus mehr als 50 Ländern, vor allem aus Asien, den USA, dem Mittleren Osten und Afrika. Wir sind so glücklich über unseren Messeerfolg, dass wir schon heute unsere Teilnahme an der drupa 2016 zusagen. Die drupa ist einfach ein guter Ort, um Geschäfte zu machen.“

Mimaki Europe
Mike Horsten, Marketing Manager

"It's hard to believe drupa 2012 has come to an end already. At Mimaki we're proud to have been part of this milestone drupa session. For us drupa represented the introduction of JFX500 series, a next-generation high-speed UV-LED flatbed inkjet printer, the new JV400-LX, a wide-format printer equipped with latex ink, and the new JV400-SUV, an inkjet printer equipped with solvent UV ink. We've also received great responses to the new Easy Direct Print System, an automatic misalignment adjustment system for the UJF304 series printers. The drupa revelation was the Landa nanographic printing system. Mimaki proudly contributed to the show's success. The dancer's colourful clothes were printed on Mimaki printers - hence the liveliness of the act!"

PrintCity Alliance
John Dangelmaier, President
Rainer Kuhn, Managing Director

“Our focus is to encourage industry networking & knowledge sharing under the theme ‘Connection of Competence”, states John Dangelmaier, President of PrintCity. “I talked to many important brand owners, designers & printers, explaining the possibilities and new effects created for Value Added Packaging”, explains Rainer Kuhn, Managing Director of PrintCity. “Visitors from all over the world got inspiration from the effects & advantages you can achieve, using techniques & materials from creative businesses working together. These benefits are not just from visual or haptical features. They also include linkage to electronic media, plus highlighted savings through lean & green production.” Rainer Kuhn and John Dangelmaier agreed - “Our best ever PrintCity drupa for networking & cooperation!”

Ricoh Europe
Peter Williams, Vice President, Head of Production Printing Business Group

“drupa 2012 has been an outstanding success for Ricoh. Visitor numbers to our booth far surpassed drupa 2008 as have the number of new contacts we have made and sales orders that were placed. The show was the perfect platform to showcase our entire, expanded proposition. We have been delighted to demonstrate everything we can offer professional print businesses – in print, and beyond. So, besides strong interest in our various new products, our innovation and environmental zones were always busy as decision makers in production printing learned more about our leading position in these fields. And how we can guide them along the transformation path that is right for them. drupa 2012 enabled Ricoh to send out a very strong signal that the future is bright for Ricoh, and, above all, our clients.”

Izabela Batko, Sales and Marketing

“For Toray drupa 2012 has been the best show ever with the highest attendance at Toray booth to date. The number of leads have more than doubled compared to those generated at previous drupa exhibitions with serious customer prospects asking for technical support to convert to waterless has been higher than previous exhibitions. We had hoped for higher interest due to our live demonstrations of the clear advantages in on demand printing, but the result even exceeded our expectations with hundreds of spectators. It is obvious that printers realise that they have to diversify and broaden their product spectrum to remain competitive as printing on paper is reduced. However, many were not previously aware of the versatility and efficiency waterless UV offers, such as immediate finishing and shipping of the print jobs. Due to our live demos and kit with high quality print samples we also had higher interest from educational institutions interested to learn about the waterless printing technology and its advantages compared to other printing methods.”

Wim Maes, CEO

"Before drupa I was thinking this was a huge expense and every four years was the right timing, now seeing our results I think it should be every two years."

Xerox Corporation
John Ahlman, Senior Director Global Experiential Marketing

“We expected drupa 2012 to be a great buying show, and it’s delivered. drupa provides Xerox with a unique opportunity to build winning strategies with our customers so they can focus on their real business objectives. We bring customers from around the world to drupa because it is the “Olympics of Printing. Our stand attracted around 100,000 visitors – one in every four drupa attendees – and our exclusive Cirque du Soleil performances added something unique and special to the drupa 2012 experience. drupa is great for the industry, our customers and for Xerox.”