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dip 2012 Review

Follow up about the drupa innovation park 2012

Sandra Winter, coordinator and organiser of the drupa innovation park 2012 in conversation with Knud Wassermann, editor in chief of “Graphische Revue” (Austria).


For the third time, Winter Consulting supervised the largest drupa special show in 2012, the drupa innovation park. What is so special about the drupa innovation park?
The drupa innovation park started in 2004 in a light weight tent on the grounds of the drupa premises, with the aim of integrating new and innovative companies and start-up companies into drupa. The innovations shown at the time were primarily solutions for the print and publishing industry, presented by software companies. Now the dip has become an integral part of drupa, and it gives an overview of the latest trend setting technologies. 130 exhibitors from 19 countries presented their innovations at the dip this year - namely soft and hardware solutions. The visitors find technology that they can touch, and the sections divided into theme parks provide orientation.

The dip bears the title Platform for Innovations. How has the dip developed since its premiere in 2004?
Since its premiere in 2004, the dip has made its name as a hot spot for print buyers and innovative media specialists from the print, agency and online industry. James E. Harvey, Executive Director of the CIP 4 organisation, expresses it in a nutshell: "When you visit a large specialist trade fair, you want to discover exiting, fascinating innovations. So where can you find exciting news? At drupa it is the drupa innovation park! You just have to have been here to see the innovations“.

Which components make up the dip?
The structuring into nine theme worlds offers the various visitor target groups easy access to the trend setting solutions, according to their interest. The dip presents itself as a business and information platform, as an exhibition with an extensive stage programme, and expert interviews, where the visitor can experience something new about the groundbreaking strategies in the print and publishing industry.

Which technologies were in focus in 2012?
The dip 2012 paid particular attention to the topic of Dynamic Publishing. Under this umbrella, approximately 20 companies presented their publishing solutions, web-to-print applications, web shops, and catalogue systems.

Direct mailings or the management of marketing campaigns were topics of the Marketing Solutions Park, but traditional topics such as print automation and process optimisation to improve "return on investment" were also represented at the dip. Applications for Print meets Mobile and Green Printing, enriched the dip just as much as the introduction of Augmented Reality examples and their application in practice. For the first time, the topic of Printed Electronics and Organic Printing was also presented at the dip and enriched by lectures from the exhibitors.

Print Product Innovations placed new products and technologies, as well as Secure Printing in the foreground. Image worlds in the digital age, were in the foreground in the Digital Imaging Park. The event "faces@drupa“ also made this topic tangible, and the visitors could take their photos with them.

The dip stage programme also reflected these topics in lectures by the exhibitors and partners, and it showed the visitors ways of how innovative print, web and online technologies can actually be used in practice for communication with the customers.

What kind of exhibitor and visitor feedback have you received?
The reactions of the exhibitors and the visitors were very positive. The exhibitors confirmed how important personal contact with the customer is, and that new visitor target groups also found their way into the drupa innovation park. In short, the quality of the visitors, and the high rate of business transactions once again made the innovations the centre of attention - or, as one exhibitor confirmed to us:" We need to be here; this is where the action is." Visitors on the other hand, praised the good orientation and clarity at the dip.

Are there exhibitors who have already outgrown the dip and now present themselves at drupa?
The four years between drupa 2008 and 2012 have brought many changes. For example applications from former small start ups from the dip, are now part of extensive print solutions. Some of these were snapped up by companies, and they are now being presented at large stands within drupa. Others were able to establish their solutions as standard, due to developments in the print and publishing industry, and present themselves with their whole portfolio, at drupa, at their own stands. Also, strategic partnerships with other market participants, made dip exhibitors from 2008 into new main exhibitors at drupa 2012. So, the drupa innovation park has proven that it integrates new technologies and exhibitor target groups into drupa, and is an enhancement.

The innovation cycles in the print and publishing industries are becoming shorter. How will the dip continue to develop itself, which platform will be presented to exhibitors and visitors?
The drupa innovation park 2012 had the motto “presented by digi:media“ - the specialist trade fair, which will take place from 10 - 12 April in Hall 6 next year.

With the subtitle "Content meets Technology meets Business“, Messe Düsseldorf brought an extremely successful new trade fair for commercial publishing and digital printing onto the market for the first time in April 2011. In 2013, smart, innovative exhibitors will be able to present themselves to specialist visitors and marketing decision makers, media representatives, publishing houses and print service providers, advertising and creative agencies. Neo7even and Apps4Print are amongst the companies, who have already decided to participate, and will be able to focus on presenting solutions for business as well as for content and technology at digi:media. The Winter Consulting team is already looking forward to exciting preparations for digi:media 2013 and numerous innovative exhibitors. The latest information on digi:media, be it on the specialist supporting programme or on the list of exhibitors, can be found at

The interview was conducted by Knud Wassermann, editor-in-chief of the “Graphische Revue”.

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