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Image sensor on plastic scans the Mona Lisa

Image sensor on plastic scans the Mona Lisa



World's first image sensor on plastic by ISORG and Plastic Logic. Image: ISORG.

[14.11.2013] ISORG and Plastic Logic have developed the first conformable organic image sensor on plastic. The device will be publicly unveiled at Printed Electronics USA 2013. A recently released Youtube-Video already demonstrates the working sensor.

Organic printed photodetectors by ISORG were being applied to a plastic organic thin-film transistor by Plastic Logic. The resulting flexible sensor has a 4x4cm active area and 94 x 95 = 8 930 pixel resolution.

The company tailored the sensor for x-ray digital imaging, but names a wide range of further applications for their technology. In the future, flexible sensors like these (albeit with a higher resolution), could be used for smart packaging and medical equipment.



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