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Cheap 3D-printed prosthesis is better than $42,000 competitor

Cheap 3D-printed prosthesis is better than $42,000 competitor

The e-Nable prosthesis “Cyborg Beast” costs only 50 dollar to make, provided you already have a 3d printer. When asked by maker blog 3duniverse to compare the device to a myoelectric $42,000 prosthesis, 53-year old Jose Delgado Jr . gave a somewhat surprising answer.

Delgado, whose working environment requires a loft of lifting and moving boxes, said that the mechanical design of the e-Nable hand was much better, because it utilized all fingers, instead of only gripping with two fingers and a thumb. In the interview, he also demonstrates the capabilities of the 3d-printed prosthesis, which seems considerably more flexible than the myoelectric counterpart.

The hand is a product of the e-Nable volunteer community. More than 650 volunteers have joined online to provide inexpensive assistive technologies (such as 3D printed prosthetic hands) for underserved communities worldwide. The files for the original design of the “Cyborg Beast” by Jorge Zunige can be downloaded for free at Makerbots thingiverse portal.

3DUniverse Interview Youtube

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