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Makerbot: The T-Rex Challenge

(c) Makerbot

Makerbot: The T-Rex Challenge

Image: Makerbot

3d-printing expert Makerbot challenges the creative heads of their Thingiverse: The best variation of a t-rex-skull sent in until March 13th wins a filament resupply of the owner’s 3d-printer, plus the files for a complete dinosaur model. The winning design will further be featured on the Makerbot Retail Store.

The contest rules are simple: The T-Rex skull design from the Makerbot Academy is to be reinterpretated and uploaded to the Thingiverse with the tag #TRexRemix attached. A jury then judges the design according to creativity and printability on a Makerbot Replicator or Replicator 2.

The first contestants present fun variations of the king of the dinosaurs. The Punk T-Rex Skull by williamngo scores points with a haircut two times as sharp as the monsters teeth. A design based on Jurassic Park’s iconic sign by mh2014 warns visitors of the “Makerbot Farm”. Several artists have transformed the skulls by appliance to existing models: Results like Gnome-Rex by busybones, RAWR by Mr-Dee and the Equus Ferus Rex by 3DWP put the dino mask on dwarfs, rabbits and horses. With some designs, a funny title is all it takes: “How’d she put on that hat?” asks user grahampheath, hinting at the short forearms of the real T-Rex.

Creativity like this is what makes every new technology breakthrough so fascinating to watch. Whoever wants to give designing the T-Rex skull a shot can do so, provided the design is uploaded within a week.

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