Solution Guide -- drupa Trade Fair - June 23 - July 03, 2020 - Messe Düsseldorf

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drupa Solution Guide

The drupa Solution Guide shows you all the relevant exhibitors at the click of a button who offer and show solutions especially for your interests. Here, you can find current and future technology, the latest developments, growth markets and exhibitors for your business of today and the future, in the following areas of application:

Modern packaging is much more than just a protective cover: in addition to flexographic and offset printing, innovative possibilities are available that transform sophisticated surfaces into an important communication and information medium for manufacturers and consumers. Find out more about the leading technologies, solutions and exhibitors in the areas of packaging and label printing as well as in the areas of cardboard, metal, display, plate, tablet and foil printing. Find exhibitors

Strategies and content for modern marketing communication are developing across traditional media boundaries. Print, TV, online and mobile have long ceased to be rivals but rather complement one another. This fundamentally changes marketing demands in regard to design, image processing and layout. Find out more about future technology, solutions, and exhibitors in the areas of corporate publishing, business IDs, as well as printing for brochures, flyers, envelopes, forms, newsletters, inserts and posters. Find exhibitors

We are currently experiencing how innovative publishing technology continues to develop beyond classic letterpress printing. Modern printing systems allow, for example, special applications with low ink coverage. Find out more about the newest technologies, solutions, and exhibitors in the areas of printing for books on demand, catalogs, books, letterhead stationery, cards and calendars. Find exhibitors

Custom printing solutions can increasingly be offered to a large market at low prices. This is because new technology makes it possible to print individually customized and variable data at a reasonable price. Find out more about this growth market and the economic aspects of the customization trend in the areas of security technology, RFID, direct mail, cross-media, trans-promotion, as well as printing for documents, IDs, plastic cards, tickets, bank notes, checks and postage stamps. Find exhibitors

The digital revolution has greatly changed the role of media. An entire industry must reinvent itself: cross-media offers - print, online, mobile and apps - merge more and more, thereby offering enormous growth potential. How must we continue to transform newspapers and magazines so that they will also play an important role in the digital era? Here you can find out everything about the newest developments and the digital expansion of newspaper and magazine printing. Find exhibitors

The more varied the demands, the more varied the applications: process integration is the key to success for especially demanding industry and branch solutions. Get to know an innovative dimension of printing. Get the latest news on technologies, solutions and exhibitors in the areas of 3D printing, medical technology, solar cells, design objects, decorations, industrial filters, lighting, and printing for marking, prototypes, and components, as well as in regard to electronic printing. Find exhibitors