drupa Song 2016 -- drupa Trade Fair - June 23 - July 03, 2020 - Messe Düsseldorf

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drupa Song 2016

The New drupa Song is Online: "drupa is in town again"

Düsseldorf-based Musician & Composer Dieter Falk Wrote the drupa Hymn – Soul Singer Bonita Niessen Brought It To Life

The time has come – the wait is over: the new drupa song is mixed and online, and has what it takes to potentially become a hit drupa dance-floor hymn. None less than the Düsseldorf-based musician Dieter Falk, who has held a place at the top of the German music scene for many years — with five ECHO nominations for more than 20 million CD sales as producer for PUR, Monrose, Paul Young, Patricia Kaas and others — wrote the song "drupa is in town again". One thing is certain: you will find it hard to sit still while the tune is playing – this soul track features hot horn licks and plenty of funky guitar and piano riffs. At the very latest, the drupa community will be grooving and singing along when the extraordinary voice of South African soul singer, Bonita Niessen, chimes in — just as at the world premiere of the drupa song on 29 February for more than 100 trade journalists from around the globe during the international Media Conference in Düsseldorf.

Listen to drupa Song 2016 now!

drupa Song 2016 - Video


... another song for drupa 2016

EFI has also released a song for drupa 2016.

Just click on the link and listen.

EFI song for drupa 2016