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9 septembar
32300 Gornji Milanovac, Serbien

Telefon: +381-11 2 32 13 85
Fax: +381-11 2 32 27 45


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About us

9. Septembar Group is dynamic growing company whose main activities are production of Tissue Converting Mashines for production of Napkins, Printed napkins, Handkerchiefs, Printed handkerchiefs and toiler rolls/kitchen towels of the latest generation. We are established 1982 in Cacak, Serbia.

This year we are celebrating 30th anniversary and such long-term experience along with narrow specialization, continuous development, as well as quest for simplest solution, enable us to fulfill all customer demands. Simplicity of our solutions as well as handcraft of our engineers allows low maintenance and high productivity of our production lines. Our key advantage is our dedication to our clients and the competence to provide highly reliable customer service 24/7 and around the world.

We also have a division which main activities are development, design and production of the packaging machines used in tissue converting industry. Our latest achievements allow us to offer to our customers integrated solution in production of Toilet Rolls, which includes integrated Rewinder,Accumulator, Trim Cutter, Log Saw and Wrapper (with packing option of 32 rolls in a package) together with Bundler.

Up to now we have installed more than 180 machine lines worldwide.

Our Factory complies with all necessary ISO Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 1401) and CE marking.

The enterprise has 150 employees.

We use natural materials which are not harmful to your health and environment.