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Meccanotecnica S.p.A.
Via Casale, 16
24060 Torre de Roveri (Bg), Italien

Telefon: +39-035-5851-11
Fax: +39-035-5851-95

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Anzahl der Beschäftigten100-499
Umsatz10-49 Mio US $
Exportanteil> 75%
  • postpress/ converting/ packaging
The steps of success

The Meccanotecnica group is one of the most renowned manufacturers of book finishing equipment. For the last few decades Meccanotecnica has been the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic book sewing machines and production lines.

Founded in Bergamo, Italy, in 1964, Meccanotecnica has enjoyed steady expansion due to its tireless efforts in the research and development of new products. Market-oriented strategic decisions have also helped Meccanotecnica to consolidate its position as market leader.

In the early ‘70s, it achieved its first international success with the Headop signature feeder. The Headop revolutionized the book sewing market by automating thousands of hand-fed sewing machines.

In 1983 Meccanotecnica unveiled its first fully automatic sewing machine – the Aster-Headop. Thanks to its compact build, great opening versatility, rapid set-up and easy operation, the Aster-Headop quickly became the best selling sewing machine on the market.

During the ‘90s Meccanotecnica anticipated the market demands by fully automating the process of gathering and sewing books. Its automatic sewing lines opened up a new era in book sewing: Uniplex, Multiplex SA, Magix, Bombax and Bombix work in the largest bookbinders worldwide.

During the late 90’s, another relevant anticipation was the launch of two machines to sew books coming from digital printing presses: the Kristec, which takes piles of single sheets and the pressing-sewing system Legor Aster, designed to work in line with web printers that produce signatures.

In 2004, Meccanotecnica presented its new back-gluing machine Iglue at the Drupa exhibition, within a large project aimed at producing finished books “in line” starting from folded signatures.

Starting 2006, the Aster range was renovated with the introduction of new models: Aster 180C, Aster 180 and Aster 220C, satisfying all possible book sewing needs.

Meccanotecnica also set a new standard in signature recognition technology by presenting the Signalynx, which has now evolved into the Gigalynx.