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BASF Nederland B.V.
Innovatielaan 1
8466 SN Nijehaske, Niederlande
P.O. Box 390
8440 AJ Nijehaske, Niederlande

Telefon: +31-513 61 96 19
Fax: +31-513 61 96 00


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Anzahl der Beschäftigten100-499
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BASF - Strong Partnership at DRUPA 2012

COMEXI GROUP and BASF are combining strengths and focusing on a new vision for the flexible packaging industry.These innovative and forward thinking partners are driven by the goal of sustainability. At Drupa 2012 they will show how the combined power of chemistry and innovation can enable their customers to make the important switch to sustainable printing.

The COMEXI FLEXO F2 press will demonstrate the true meaning of innovative quality and show what sustainable efficiency in the flexible packaging world is all about.

BASFwill highlight their sustainable approach to the converting world by presenting their solutions for water-based printing inks, lamination adhesives and biodegradable films for flexible packaging.

Both companies share the common aim of driving the conversion from conventional to solvent-free printing. As front runners in this conversion they are becoming the preferred suppliers for chemistry and engineering solutions for the printing industry.
Sustainable packaging is at a turning point. Visit us at Drupa 2012, Hall 10 C62 where both companies are eager to share their achievements and will invite you to join them on the pathway to sustainability.