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Baumer hhs GmbH
Adolf-Dembach-Str. 19
47829 Krefeld, Germany
Postfach 111306
47814 Krefeld, Germany

Phone: +49 2151 4402-0
Fax: +49 2151 4402-111

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Code Reading

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CODE: control system for standard bar codes

Reading codes

The Xtend² Code Reading function uses the connected sensors to check the various bar codes on all the products passing through the machine, comparing them with a programmed reference code. If the evaluation result exceeds the tolerance set by the user, the product is defective. For controlled ejection of defective products, the evaluation results are sent to the Tracking & Ejecting module that controls the ejector. If required, we also offer code reading and glue control with cameras.

- Use of sensors to read codes such as: EAN/UPC, Pharma, 25 interleaved, Code 39, Code 128, EAN Addon, Codabar and Code 93
- Sequence error detection with automatic feeder stop
- Suitable for EAN/UPC code in machine direction (picket fence), 630 m/min, or transverse (ladder), 100 m/min, per 10 mm code height
- Comprehensive statistics and diagnosis function
- Stand-alone with machine and feeder stop

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Glue Detection

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JET glue line control

The glue line control function encompasses the identification of adhesives (cold glue and hot melt) on a wide variety of materials, and evaluation of the position and shape of the applied glue. Xtend2 controls the glue on all products passing through the machine. The device checks whether the actual values of the prescribed parameters are within the limits set by the operator.

Intelligent sensors

The product is already assessed in the sensor
Simple integration of future sensor Technologies
Glue sensor with InterActive communication


All Baumer hhs sensors have an electronic fingerprint that makes them unique. The Xtend² system automatically detects the system configuration when the sensors are connected. This minimises the setup effort and monitors the operating hours of the sensors. To be sure! The same security that your end customers demand of you has been integrated in the entire process chain by Baumer hhs. Intelligent sensors leave nothing to chance and create complete security from feeder to end customer.

You can look after other important things while Xtend² keeps your machine running.

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Changing products in two steps

Simple product change

Who has a machine that always produces the same thing? Changing from one product to another must not be allowed to consume too much time. Simple operation was thus the main focus when developing Xtend². The change is completed in just two steps.

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InterActive information on all connected components. Central operation of hot melt and cold glue equipment; display and operation of all hot melt parameters. Xtend² supports functions such as: component identification for application heads, sensors, hoses, melters, input and monitoring of set-point temperatures, pump pressure, filter change cycles, glue level, maintenance cycles ...

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