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Applied Laser Engineering Ltd.
Unit 7 Ember Centre Lyon Road
KT12 3PU Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 208 9411101
Fax: +44 208 7831348

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Product Categories
Printing forme producers 1 Product
Computer to plate systems for offset printing  
Processing systems (film & printing plate)  
Printing forme production for flexographic printing  
Computer to plate systems for flexo plates  
Printing forme production for gravure printing  
Etching devices for gravure printing  
Cylinder engraving machines for gravure printing  
Embossing form manufacturing  
Equipment and processes  
Printing films  
Formes for flexographic printing  
Embossing formes  
Metering rollers  
Inking rollers  
Anilox rollers  
Meridian Hercules range of Laser Engraving Systems


Applied Laser Engineering Ltd (ALE) is the World leader in the design and manufacture of Laser Engraving Systems for the production of printing rollers and plates for use in a wide range of printing and texturing industries including flexographic printing and flat screen TV manufacturing industries, paper and polymer texturing, and security printing amongst others.

Machines range from 0.6m-6m roller length capability and up to 1m diameter. Laser type and wavelength is application or material specific. Materials processed include metals, ceramics, rubber, natural and synthetic polymers. Engraving systems for ceramic anilox are a speciality and we are constantly developing our range of products to increase productivity, reduce production costs and to meet specific customer driven requirements.

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