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Eckart GmbH
Güntersthal 4
91235 Hartenstein, Germany

Phone: +49-91 52 77-0
Fax: +49-91 52 77-70 08

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Product Categories
Printing inks for sheet-fed offset 1 Product
Printing ink pigments and ink pastes  
Flexographic printing inks - Water-based  
Gravure printing inks - Water-based  
Gravure printing inks - Solvent-based  
Screen printing inks - Solvent-based  
Screen printing inks - UV  
Digital inks - Solvent-based  
Digital inks - UV curable  
Printing inks


ECKART is the foremost supplier of metallic inks for the worldwide graphic arts industry. From simple beginnings in the production of gold bronze and aluminium pigments, ECKART has developed cutting edge metallic inks to meet all needs.

Manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America from the foundation for a product range offering extended capabilities to the graphic arts market.

ECKART’s press-ready metallic inks, solvent-based, water-based or UV-curing are available to the graphic arts industry through all ink suppliers.
Metallic gold communicates a luxury, premium image. Brilliant golds will upgrade the image of any package and are a key tool of the designer´s pallet.
Reflective silver communicates the precision of high-tech. Metallic effects attract the eyes of every consumer.
When designers, printers and ink companies reach out for these effects, they know to turn to ECKART for brilliant solutions.
ECKART’s metallic inks achieve maximum brilliance, coverage and performance across all print processes.


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