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KGT Kool Graphic Trade B.V.
Edisonweg 1
5482 TJ Schijndel, Netherlands

Phone: +31 73 5442500
Fax: +31 73 5494064

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Product Categories
Heidelberg GTOZ52


Age: 1989
Ref: 48856

Equipped with:
Alcohol dampening
Approx. 21 mio impressions


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Heidelberg KD78/4KTL


Age: 2001
Ref: 49264

Equipped with:
16 pages
Round pile feeder
4 folding buckles
2 folding buckles
Noise reduction hoods
Vacuum pumps
Excluding delivery

Technical specifications:
Max. size : 78 x 128 cm
Min. size : 14 x 18 cm
Number of cycles: 50.000 h.

Further complete with:
Instruction manuals
Spare part catalogue
Electrical wiring diagrams

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Heidelberg SM102-8-P


Age: 2006
Ref: 49155

Equipped with:
Alcolor dampening
Technotrans Combistar CAN (beta c.)
CP 2000
CP 2000 Preset Link
CP 2000 Management Gate
Ink Line Direct CAN
Automatic ink roller washing device
Automatic blanket washing device
Automatic impression cylinder washing device
Image control
Atlas Copco compressor
Suction feeder table
Preset Plus feeder and delivery
Perfect jackets
Techkon Spectro Driver
Steelplate in feeder
Double sheet control
Heidelberg Autoplate PL
PowderStar ExactronicDuo Plus CAN
Approx. 162 mio impressions


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