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APL Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 70 Sector 59 HSIDC
Faridabad 121 004, India

Phone: +91-129 4 18 99 99
Fax: +91-129 4 10 16 12

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Flat Screen Printing Machine


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Fully Auto UV Coating & Curing Machines


This machine is a high end integration of UV light, electronics and pneumatics. It can do full and spot UV varnish on thick & thin paper at the speed of 10,000 sheets per hour. Conventional varnish or  waterbased varnish can also be run on this machine. This machine includes all technical solutions for easy operation and for increasing productivity. The machine is compact and solid built on a strong C.I frame. It is reliable at any working speed. This machine is equipped with high grade hardened grounded gears for its smooth operation for years. The UV curing lamps used it are one of the best in the world. 

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Interdeck is the latest technology, one can attach our UV curing system with any make & size of offset machines. This gives an extra advantage to printer with UV ink on existing Printing machine. With the help oof Interdeck, PVC Laminated Board, Metalized Laminated Paper & board and various other substrates can be printed.