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Multigraf AG
Grindelstrasse 26
5630 Muri (AG), Switzerland

Phone: +41 56 675 58 00
Fax: +41 56 675 58 60

Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Label and bar code printers  
Sheet-fed inkjet printing systems  
Ticket printing machines  
Printing machines for label printing  
Printing machines for security printing  
Printing technology for Braille  
Numbering machines  
Sheet stackers, destackers  
Sheet feeders, layboys, sheet deliveries 1 Product
Envelope feeders  
Numbering units and numbering equipment  
Folding machines, folding units and accessories 1 Product
Sheet folding machines  
Tabletop folders  
Zigzag folding devices  
Creasing machines  
Scoring machines  
Slotting machines  
Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined) 1 Product
Grooving machines  
Perforating machines, perforating devices, perforating tools  
Inline folders  
Addressing systems for printed products  
Numbering systems for cards  
Bar code systems  
Addressing and personalization systems  
Universal Bogenanleger


For different applications

The Multigraf sheet feeders are universal solutions to feed different material into various machines. The registering table alignes the sheets perfectly well and can also be used to mount different tools.



The modular knife folder

The new, modular knife folder MKF 35 manufactured by Multigraf AG is the most versatile knife folder in the market.
The MKF 35 is the ideal upgrade for existing Eurofold users and also for a great number of other applications. It can handle thick products up to a thickness of 3 mm, such as cardboard, greeting cards, brochures, booklets, newspapers etc. It can be installed online behind a great number of different machines.



The crasing and perforating machine

The industrial, high performance creasing and perforating solution. The DCM is of a heavy-duty construction and to avoid flexing, the shafts have been manufactured out of 36 mm diameter steel. Creasing and micro-perforating with incredible options.

Designed to crease and perforate digital prints, card board, laminated sheets, folded sheets, plastic sheets etc.