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Bluprint UK Ltd.
217 Southend Road Stanford le Hope
SS177AB Essex, Großbritannien / Nordirland

Phone: +44 1375 679700
Fax: +44 1375 679701

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LMC Impression Jackets


Now over 800 successful instalaltions since drupa 2012

LMC Impression Jackets have a Liquid Metal Coating on the surface of a quality stainless steel jacket. The ceramic based coating is applied to the correct OEM thickness and tolerance. Guaranteed for 35 million impressions, LMC Impression jackets are available for most perfecting machines.


Akiyama - Heidelberg - Komori - Mitsubishi - Roland - Shinohara

LMC Impression jackets must be installed by an approved engineer and Bluprint UK have an approved set of engineers across the EU.

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Refined Impression Jackets


Refined impression jackets are for the early Heidleberg models.

GTO46 - GTO52 - MO - SM72 - SM102

Also required for some current models.

SM52 - SM74 - SM102

The special treated surface allows presses to perfect.

Now also available for CD74 & XL75

Refined jackets can carry inline finishing systems. 


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Blue Glass Anti-Marking Film


Blue Glass improved and branded for drupa 2016

The distinguishing feature of Blue Glass Anti-Marking films
is the uniquely fomulated coating process that seals
the glass beads to the film and provides a Super ink
resistant protective coating. This not only firmly
secures the glass beads but provides for easy cleaning
and incredibly long life of the product. This is in
comparison to other films with a soft silicone coating
that wears away quickly, resulting in excessive ink
buildup and short product life.

Blue Glass is supplied in 50m rolls or cut to size sheets and

is available as non adhesive and self adhesive format. 

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Blue Glass Anti-Marking Jackets


Blue Glass jackets are available for Heidelberg models

GTO46 - GTO52 - MO - SM72 - SM52 - SM74 - SM102

Complete with OEM furniture and backing material.

Effective, reliable, durable, washable, low maintenance,
are just a few of the qualities that have made Blue Glass
the Pressman’s Preference when choosing to replace older
net based systems or expensive OEM metal transfer jackets.

A premium glass bead jacket with true value for money.


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Metal Transfer Jackets


Metal Trasnfer Jackets are available for Heidelberg models.

SM52 - SM74 - CD74 - XL75 - SM102 - XL105

A quality steel jacket with an improved surface coating.

Washable and durable these trasnfer jackets have been a huge success.

For those printers that insist on a metal transfer product.


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Super Blue 2


Super Blue 2 is world renowned two piece system;

the standard OEM product for more than 20 years. 

Super Blue 2 Original Nets are a stretchy, pliable
material that allows a pressman to install and trim
the Net to the desired size for his printing press.
It has alignment stripes that assist with a precise

Super Blue 2 StripeNets are pre-stretched and do
not require any trimming by the pressman. They are
precisely cut to the specific format for your press
and also have alignment stripes for an accurate and
extremely fast installation.

All Super Blue Net material is free of defects that
might cause an uneven surface and are specially
treated to repel both ink and water.

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Super Blue 2 LT


Super Blue 2 LT - "Less Time" on installation.

Take all the advantages fo the Super Blue 2 system

and create a simple to install complete kit.

Complete with 3M adhesive tapes, the Super Blue 2 LT

can be installed on any press in a matter of seconds.

A plug and play kit for the pressroom.

Install and print - no washing - no trimming.

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Super See ZONE


The Super See ZONE is a two piece anti-marking system

that consists of a high performance, long-lasting transfer

cylinder jacket with a corresponding ZONE Overlay.

With the Super See ZONE system installed, the

operator can easily identify a ZONE in need of cleaning

by simply lining up the overlay with the printed sheet

to determine the exact ZONE to be cleaned on the

cylinder jacket and so avoid cleaning the entire surface

of the transfer cylinder.

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