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Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co. Ltd.
No. 1 Chuangye Road Zhenglou Standard Workshop Ind. Zone
325409 Pingyang, Zhejiang Province, Chine (Rep.)

Phone: +86 577 63081555
Fax: +86 577 63083555

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JB Series 3/4 Automatic Screen Press


The machine is composed of printing part、take-off set machine and UV dryer. It is a 3/4 automatic line which the printing stock is fed by hands takenoff automatically. After the printing finished and the printing arm put up, the mechanism arm of take off set machine will extend into between the arm and the plane,suck and pull out the printing stock, then send it to next working procedure( drying、 solidify or collection). It's not only can save the man, but also improve the using efficiency of the machine. If s fit for the flexible material, such as paper product.

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JB series Full automatic Cylinder Screen Press is a kind of automatic flat screen press with high efficiency (more than diploid printing speed over the flat one), high quality (linear touch, more suitable for spot printing), high precision ( usually the precision of overprint is less than 0.10mm), it is suitable for printing in bulk of high precision screen productions. It is suitable for 120-350g materials, especially for paper productions (such as cigarette or wine case, toiletry case, present case, brand, poster, other paper packing production and special fake against materials etc),flower paper, soft plastic etc.

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JB-1050AG full automatic stop cylinder screen press is a new model which brings in advanced design and production technology, adsorb the mature offset printing technology, innovation and has a patented technology, mainly for printing on paper and packing field. The machine adopts the classic stop cylinder , the maximum operating speed is up to 4000pcs/h; Meanwhile, the machine use non-stop feeder and non-
stop collection technology, change the old operation mode which must stop machine to load substrate
and collection, which eliminate the waste of time in loading and collecting, improve the printing ef ficiency
more than 30%. It's suitable for the screen printing on ceramic and glass transfer film, advertising, packing
printing, brand, textile transfer, electronics and other industries.

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