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Andrews & Wykeham Ltd
Lutyens Building, Bilton Road
Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8LJ, Great Britain / Northern Ireland

Phone: +44-12 56 47 73 72
Fax: +44-12 56 40 01 80

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Bar code software and scanners 1 Product
RFID systems  
Smart card systems 1 Product
Bar code systems  
Foils, polyester (PET)  
Hot stamping foils, stamping foils  
Holographic foils  
Laminating foils  
Adhesive foils  
Market enquiry / analyses  
Research and development  
Applications for printed electronics / printed functionalities 1 Product
Applications for nanotechnology  
Theseus™ Track & Trace System


THESEUS™ is an integrated track & trace solution helping the government improve excise duty collection and minimize product counterfeit, contraband and parallel trading by enabling tracking of each saleable item from its point of origin to the point of sale. The system can also be applied as an anti-counterfeit solution not related to taxation for such market segments as pharmaceutical. Not only is THESEUS™ a means of maximizing tax collection and reducing counterfeit, it is also a tool the government can use to boost public confidence. THESEUS™ includes an open Internet interface which enables any member of the public to verify that the product he/she has purchased is both genuine and duty-paid. THESEUS™ uses high-security labels with holographic and security print features, carrying two-dimensional QR-format barcodes with item-specific information. The codes are protected from unauthorized access and reproduction by state-of-the-art electronic digital signature (EDS) technology.

Passport Laminates and ID Card Pouches


These laminates have a sandwich construction with hard-wearing polyester as a base and polyethylene, which melts with heat, providing permanent adhesion to the passport page or card core. Required mostly where a stick-on photograph is used on the document, these laminates combine holographic images and security print features (visible print, UV fluorescent prints, IR inks), thus enhancing tamper-evidence. Passport laminates are supplied in a variety of gauges and formats (such as reels, two-up sheets, and singles). Lamination pouches, also PET/PE in construction, are used for laminating paper or teslin-based ID cards, driving licences and other ID documents.

Signature Protection Labels


Protecting an authorised signature on a document such as a power of attorney, transfer form or title certificate is important for preventing document fraud. A frangible HRI (high-refractive index) or partially-demetallised holographic label applied over a signature reliably protects the genuine signature from fraudulent alteration. Our signature protection labels include sophisticated holographic images, detector-readable moiré coding and hi-tech sequential numbering and barcodes applied using Nd: YAG laser etching technology. These labels can also be used for protecting other sensitive data, such as dates and amounts on financial documents and contracts.