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Unnauer Weg 6c
50767 Köln, Germany
71 08 16
50748 Köln, Germany

Phone: +49-221 97 94 79-0
Fax: +49-221 97 94 79-48
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Product Categories
Creative paper - web printing paper  
Poster paper - web printing paper  
Creative paper - cut-size paper 1 Product
Poster paper - cut-size paper 1 Product
Other paper and board grades for technical and special applications  
Foils for large-format printing 1 Product
Foils, polyester (PET) 1 Product
Adhesive foils  
Media for Large format printing  
Metal foils, aluminium foils 1 Product
Self-adhesive foils 1 Product
Special foils for outdoor applications  
Self-adhesive vinyl 1 Product
Mounting foils  
Underlays, underlay sheets and underlay materials 1 Product
Coating plates and coating foils 1 Product
Printing blankets, packing materials and sleeves  
Gravure printing consumables 1 Product
Fine Art Paper, Photopaper, Canvas

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Folex is offering Fine Art- and Photo Papers for Eco/Solvent and waterbased inks. The matt white, lightly structured materials are perfect for fine art and digital photographic output. The papers offer excellent archival properties along with good ligth stability and stunningly brilliant colours with high density solid blacks. Furthermore Folex produces traditional classic textured canvas for Giclee fine art prints, classic paintings and photographs. The canvas gives superb image quality and wet smear resistance as well as good light stability.

Nanoporous Photo Papers

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The nanoporous photo papers from Folex can be used for photographic poster prints, presentations, point of sale, short term proofing and exhibition panels. Images dry instantly due to a highly porous coating ensuring productions speeds are optimised. The photo papers offer excellent hanling, stability and lamination properties.

Large Format Printing

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Folex recognised the great potential of digital large-format printing at a very early stage, constantly expanding its product range and adapting it to technological developments. Today, Folex offers a diverse range of materials suitable for Eco/Solvent, UV, latex, pigment, and dye inks in the Ink Jet printing process.

PET films

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Folex is coating films for Large Format, Digital Printing, Colour Laser as well as for office & home. We offer a diverse range of clear, white, matt, self adhesive and self adherent materials suitable for Eco/Solvent-, UV-, Latex-, Pigment- and Dye-Inks.

Silver metallic films

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Folex silver metalized decorative films have a mirror effect with which you can design and create unique metallic special effects. These mirror films can be used equally at home, the office or the design studio. Typical applications are documents, invitations, special certficates, impressive covers for documents and presentations.

Selfadhesive Films

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Folex special coated, self-ahesive polyester films are available in matt, clear transparent and white opaque. They are tear resistant, offer brilliant colours and are ideal for title blocks, technical drawings, signs, stickers or decals.

Vinyl films

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The permanent adhesive backed vinyl films are suitable for photographic mock ups, signage, decals, point of sale and labels. Images dry super fast due to a highly porous coating ensuring production speeds are optimised. The films are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and althoug not as dimensionally stable as polyester they offer increased flexibility making them more suitable to be formed around surfaces.

Polyester underpacking foils, self-adhesive

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Polyester underpacking foils, self-adhesive
A key feature of the self-adhesive polyester underpacking foils in our Folabase range is their high swell resistance to dampening solution and cleaning agents. They allow adaptation to cylinder circumferences and print lengths in commercial sheet-fed and rotary web presses. The self-adhesive versions facilitate subsequent handling and support automation, particularly in presses
with automatic plate changers. A microgroove, created by the fine lines in the adhesive surface, simplifies mounting on the cylinder and facilitates remounting repositioning during adhesion if this is necessary. The adhesive coating is covered with a protective release paper. Folabase adhesive systems provide impressive heat stability of up to 60° C.

Unlike paper-based underpacking sheets, there is absolutely no thickness reduction with our tear resistant dimensionally stable polyester, even under excessive pressure. Easy disposal of old foils because they contain no PVC.

Genuine Folabase underpacking foils come with the Folabase logo and the imprint“. Only the genuine product offers full production reliability thanks to its proven long-term high quality.

Polyester underpacking foils, non-adhesive

A key feature of the non-adhesive Folabase underpacking foils is their high swell resistance to dampening solution and cleaning agents. Unlike paper-based underpacking sheets, there is absolutely no thickness reduction with this tear resistant and dimensionally stable material, even under excessive pressure. Soiled foils can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents.

Coating Plates

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Folacoat coating plates let you create individual formes tailor-made for the job in no time at all. The coating and non-coating areas are defined by partial removal (stripping) of the non-image areas. The key to a smooth production is the special Folacoat transfer polymer, which has been specially developed to transfer varnish and not ink, so generally speaking, there is no ink build-up at all, even during extremely high print runs. For optimum performance, we recommend combining it with our compressible Folacomp underpacking.

Folex offers several types of universal and and compressibel coating plates.

Folex Grinding Stones

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Folex Rotocalco grinding stones for cylinder preparation

To ensure the efficient preparation of gravure printing cylinders, it is indispensable to use suitable abrasive material. Folex Rotocalco grinding and polishing stones have been developed to achieve uniform roughness on different metal surfaces with a moderate expenditure of time and little stone abrasion.

Folex has been manufacturing grinding/polishing stones specially made for finishing copper, chromium and steel for more than 20 years.