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10/12 Rue du Ballon, ZI Richardets
93165 Noisy-Le-Grand, France

Phone: +33-1 43 05 07 00
Fax: +33-1 43 05 45 28

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Company Profile
About Us

A.G.S.M was founded in 1992 by M. DAUPHIN and M. DUBUIT after the termination of business of the company BOUZARD BOUZARD.

Its branche of industry is the PRE-PRESS (Graphics arts and phototypesetting equipements) in FRANCE and ABROAD.

Mains products are numerous possibilities, contact copyframes, films and offset plates automatic processors, projections cameras, U.V. dryer, scanner, flasheuse, step and repeat machines, register punches, control mounting and touching stations, light sources and lamps, filling cabinets for films and plates, and small furnitures ...

Mains customers are professional and integrated, civil and private service printers, phototypesetters, studio...