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Ammeraal Beltech Holding BV
Handelsstraat 1
1704 AC Heerhugowaard, Netherlands

Phone: +31-72 5 75 12 12
Fax: +31-72 5 71 64 55

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Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in process and conveyor belting. In all industries and logistics services, products are transported and often processed during transport. In fact, many of the products you see and use daily could well have been in contact with Ammeraal Beltech belts before they came to you.

That’s because we are a truly global company with our products in use far and wide. We have affiliates in 26 countries and thanks to our worldwide distribution network, our products are available in 150 countries around the planet.

What’s more, we have seven production plants and over 80 Ammeraal Beltech fabrication centres close to our customers, which provide standard and tailor-made solutions, often supported by 24/7 service.

While our Group Head Office is based in the Netherlands, we have a network of operating companies worldwide which serve as the point of contact for our local customers.

At each of our local offices, our representatives work with every customer to find solutions to their specific requirements. Indeed, our solid combination of geographical structure, market segment knowledge and product management, is the whole foundation of our innovative and service-oriented organisation.

In 2010, Ammeraal Beltech's global turnover was 279 million Euros. The company has 2,155 employees.

Ammeraal Beltech is owned by the Dutch company, Gamma Holding, which has four different business groups, which all use textiles as their base product.