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Daetwyler Graphics AG
3368 Bleienbach, Switzerland

Phone: +41-62-9193737
Fax: +41-62-9193400


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Software for production preparation  
Archiving software  
Image optimization software  
Proofing software  
RIP systems  
Computer to plate systems for flexo plates  
Computer-to-gravure cylinders  
Electroplating for gravure cylinders  
Cylinder engraving machines for gravure printing 2 Products
Cylinder grinding machines 5 Products
Gravure cylinders  
Chemicals and products for prepress production phases 1 Product
Formes for gravure printing  
Hardness measuring instruments  
Anilox roll measurement devices  
Applications for printed electronics / printed functionalities  

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The latest generation of the GRAVOSTAR HS (High Speed) offers technically highly-developed engraving machinery that is easy to use and flexible and provides users with the best quality and reproducibility. One feature that has always been unique is the ability to cover a wide spectrum of screens and screen angles using a single, maintenance-free engraving system. This combination meets all requirements for packaging and decorative printing, including applications for printing reliability. The system, which has been praised by both ERA and GAFT, performs engraving using a high-definition TransScribe procedure with a streak and text quality never achieved before. The modular concept of the GRAVOSTAR HS uses customer-specific function adjustments to enable incremental upgrading, whether dealing with a manual system or a fully-automated engraving machine. This also allows it to be integrated into automated intaglio cylinder production.


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The LASERSTAR E PFL distinguishes itself as a direct laser system with a maintenance-free laser source. Productivity, speed, excellent quality and reproducibility, as well as one-of-a-kind flexibility when selecting cup geometry all come together, setting the highest standards for laser engraving. With extremely low power consumption and considerably lower cooling capacity requirements, the high-performance pulsed fiber laser uses material vaporization to move the energy directly into the zinc layer of the printing plate. During this process, the radiation tool is completely touch-free, thereby generating perfect regularity without mechanical wear parts. The ink transfer can be precisely defined, which results in high ink savings when printing.
Upon request, the LASERSTAR is also available for decorative and illustration printing.

CFM Econo 1610

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The CFM Econo is the perfect solution for your introduction to intaglio cylinder processing. All processes are precise and automatic, including the faces and radius processing. The machine is equipped with a turning and measurement device and two polishing modules and is suitable for both axial as well as hollow cylinders. Efficient and reliable with marginal tool and maintenance costs and ease of use make the CFM ECONO a particularly cost-effective solution for copper cylinder processing.

CFM P 1610

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The CFM P is fully automated, precise and high-speed, meeting even the highest demands. The cylinder surface and radiuses are processed automatically and the polishing stone modules can be used individually or simultaneously. Furthermore, the CFM P 1610 can also be equipped with a polishing belt module. This version is known as CFM P 1610 plus. The machine is suitable for both axial and hollow cylinders. It is characterized by its minimum use of tools and the fact that it can be easily integrated into automated production lines.


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The FINISHSTAR Econo CR has a functional polishing machine for processing the chromed surface of intaglio cylinders. The machine has all of the components required to cool and polish the cylinder after the chromium plating. The coiled cylinder can be polished directly after the chromium plating, without the need for further steps, which saves both time and resources.


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The FINISHSTAR P compact has a modular design and is an efficient polishing machine for processing the copper and/or chromed surface of intaglio cylinders. Through parameters that can be freely defined by the user and through the corresponding equipment of the machine, the machine can meet a wide variety of process requirements. The simultaneous use of all polishing modules achieves short processing times and the highest quality. The machine is constructed using stainless steel components and is maintenance-friendly. It also has a closed and filtered water cycle.


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The POLISHSTAR is a milling device for processing the surface of intaglio cylinders and has a one-of-a-kind processing principle. The high-precision mechanical components guarantee cylinder geometry and are recognized worldwide. The storage of the cylinder and the use of hydrostatically stored milling spindles make POLISHTAR unmistakable.

Chemie und Consumables

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Daetwyler is the global leader in the development and production of devices for printing plate production in intaglio and flexographic printing. Part of the extensive product portfolio includes a large selection of high-quality consumables. These consumables are perfectly adjusted to the different processes.

Our portfolio of electroplating products includes a variety of lubricating and cleansing chemicals, entire electrolytic coating processes with corresponding anodes and additives developed especially for intaglio printing.

Polishing stones, belts and detergents are available for finishing cylinder surfaces.

Another of Daetwyler’s specialties are the high-precision diamond tools for the mechanical processing of cylinder surfaces and electromechanical engraving.