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Show location in hall

D.B. Engineering Private Ltd.
A-119, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-II
New Dehli 110 020, India

Phone: +91-11 41 61 64 54
Fax: +91-11 26 38 64 53

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Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Blade grinding machines 1 Product
Perforating machines, perforating devices, perforating tools  
Slitters and cross cutters  
Knives & grinding machines 1 Product
Grinding machines



• Welded Box Type Construction/ Duly Stress Relieved.

• The interior designed for swift discharge of the coolant and enough space for easy handling

of the work pieces.


• Solid through Hardened with 62 HRc, Precision Ground.

Protection Wipers


• Sturdy construction with 360 degree swivel bed.

• Precision scale offered for higher accuracies

• Magnetic/Mechanical clamping offered.

• Close pole magnet with brass top for better clamping and longer life. Suitable for grinding thin

pieces, no marking on the piece being ground.


• Graded Cast Iron with taper gibs for support.

• Large carriage rolls for better load distribution.

• Ease in change of abrasives.

• Direct coolant on grinding area.


• Ply free screw and split nut system for high degree of accuracy.

Special heavy duty bearing for extra precision grinding with over sized grinding spindle


• CE certified motor, rotating parts dynamically balanced.

The motor with swivel for the adjustment of concave grinding as well as cross grinding.


• Machine CE Certified

• Electricals installed in separate stand alone cabinet.

•Imported drag chain with self lubricating plastic to protect cables from damage.

• Special heavy duty cables for trouble free running.

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TC Knives


ATLAS also manufactures Tungsten Carbide knives for

paper industry including top & bottom slitter knives,

sheeter knives, Trimmers & Guillotine knives. These knives

are highly wear resistant & have longer life compared to

other steel grade knives. TC grade offers high precision

paper cutting, high productivity & minimum material loss

during regrinding, hence increasing the life time of knives

from 15-20 times, compared to standard steel grades.

We also offer Cryogenic treated knives as an option to

the client, which is a method of ultra low temperature

processing of material to enhance their metallurgical

properties. Cryogenic treatment increases the performance

of the tools by converting soft retained Austenite into

stable abrasion resistant Martensite.

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