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Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.
Streitfeldstraße 19
81673 München, Germany
80 04 69
81604 München, Germany

Phone: +49-89 4 31 82-0
Fax: +49-89 4 31 82-1 00

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Research project planning at Fogra

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In the Federal Republic of Germany there are more than a hundred industries whose medium-sized member companies have banded together to form associations for joint industrial research. The umbrella organization for these research associations, the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations [AiF] plays an active role and Fogra is one of its founder members.In the first instance, it is the task of AiF members to investigate questions that might help companies to increase production reliability and quality. These are questions that are of comparable importance to a large number of companies but whose investigation exceeds the capabilities of any single medium-sized company. Joint research therefore provides an appropriate solution.

Subsequently, it is of great importance that the results of the research are transferred. For Fogra this means consistently acting as a provider of services to the printing industry and supporting companies through expert advice, reliable services and a range of high quality training courses and symposia in order to implement the knowledge that has been gained.

The success of these activities is fundamentally dependent upon a careful choice of research projects. In Fogra this is carried out by Technical Committees on which experts from industry sit to ensure practical relevance and consequently the implementation of the results.

Following the recommendations by the various Technical Committees, the Executive Committee of Fogra draws up the research programme in accordance with the articles of association and approves the projects for the new period.

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With Fogra you get good advice

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When making corporate decisions you need cast iron facts; expert evaluation of all the opportunities and risks based on long experience and extensive researchand development; precise measurements and independent, expert opinions. In short, advice from Fogra.

Expert opinions

Fogra can help you by acting as a neutral expert in the event of uncertainty over the technical or human causes of a complaint. Our many thousands of expert opinions mean that we have established an international position as the first point of reference in the event of a dispute.

Individual advice and analysis

Are you faced by the challenges of new materials and technologies or the necessary quantitative analysis? We can help you with our expert knowledge and the latest analytical techniques.

Literature search

When you really want to get to grips with a subject, simply ‘googling’ it is often not enough. Let Fogra’s experts find what has been published previously.

Trainings and Symposia

Only well trained staff are able to ensure that production runs smoothly and to evaluate the results. Fogra trainings and symposia help you and your employees stay abreast of developments. You'll find all information in the section Events.

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Fogra publications

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Knowledge transfer is a core task of a research institute. As far as the public is concerned, research results that are not published or presented do not exist. However, simple publication on its own is not enough. It is only when companies recognize and make use of the results that they become relevant.

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