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bielomatik Leuze GmbH & Co.KG
Daimlerstraße 6-10
72639 Neuffen, Germany

Phone: +49-70 25 12-0
Fax: +49-70 25 12-2 00

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Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Printing machines for label printing  
Printing machines for printed electronics  
Machines for label printing  
Slitting and cross cutting machines  
Numbering units and numbering equipment  
Reel slitters, inline  
Slitters and cross cutters  
Book-on-demand systems 1 Product
Plastic binding machines  
Cross cutters 1 Product
Label processing machines  
Continuous stationery processing machines  
Block-making machines 1 Product
Stationery manufacturing machines  
Exercise book manufacturing machines 1 Product
Size cutting machines and systems  
Slitters and cross cutters  
Card manufacturing systems  
RFID systems 1 Product
Smart card systems  
RFID components  
Applications for printed electronics / printed functionalities  
BOD Binding Line BookMaster B 360

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Hardcover Book Production

  • High productive capacity: Production of books / photo books with
    hardcover in up to 300 cycles per hour.
  • Book-On-Demand: Cost-effective low-volume production by real-time
    size change from book to book within one cycle.
  • Consecutive converting of formats between 105 x 148 mm up to
    250 x 317 mm.
  • Cutting of book blocks with endsheet by using pre-machine CutMaster
    CM 2360.
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High-Performance Crosscutter CutMaster CFS 105

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A new, extremely compact design in the area of roll to sheet

With the new CutMaster CFS 105 every type of roll material – carton, paper, foil and, of course, coated paper – can be cut without leaving marks. Pre-printed rolls, for example from the packaging sector, are processed register-true. The processing of sensitive high-end papers and foils such as coated and high-gloss materials is made possible by the use of the optimised overlapping and stacking system with VACU-Stop® and air injection technology. The robust cross cutter in the reliable paper factory standard offers extremely short changeover times in the smallest space thanks to its electronic cutting length conversion, and its fully automatic cutting, collecting and stacking procedure ensures minimum required personnel. The CFS 105 was designed for print shops, paper wholesalers and packaging suppliers, amongst others, and can be integrated into both ERP and workflow management systems as well as used as an autonomous solution.

Technical data:

  • Material: 70 to 300 g/m2
  • Max. web width: 1,050 mm
  • Min. web width: 500 mm
  • Max. roll diameter: 1,524 mm
  • Max. roll weight: 2,000 kg
  • Net stacking height: 1,200 mm
  • Output: 300 m/min or 22,000 sheets/h
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.0 m

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Fully-Autom. Spiral & Wire Comb Binding Machine P 35-49plus

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Next step in productivity

The reduction of the changeover times due to smaller batches in the fully-automatic manufacturing of spiral and wire comb products is an important component for increasing productivity. The fully-automatic spiral and wire comb binding machine P 35-49plus, the “flagship” of bielomatik in this segment, achieves this with electronic setting of the cutting length and sheet count as well as the quick adjustment in case of size change by means of a new cassette system for the punching and cutting unit. With its high flexibility bielomatik’s reliable and low-maintenance production line spans a comprehensive product spectrum and is well prepared for future market demands.

Technical data:

  • Print width: 1,120 mm
  • Web speed: 500 m / min
  • Cutting frequency: 1,700 / min
  • Wire comb 40 cycles (80 products A4) / min
  • Spiral 45 cycles (90 products A4) / min
  • Sizes: Bound edge 160 – 330 mm / Unbound edge 130 – 320 mm
  • Block thickness: 3 – 22 mm


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Fully-automatic Exercise Book Machine P 24-90

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Entry-level model for medium volumes

With the reliable, fully-automatic exercise book production line P 24-90, bielomatik as a specialist in this production range now also offers a powerful entry-level solution with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio.

The system features an efficient and constant output with convincing product quality, offers simple operation and maintenance and is a safe investment in the future thanks to its modular design.

Technical data:

  • Print width: 970 mm
  • Web speed: 300 m/min
  • Cutting frequency: 1,200/min
  • Production output: 55 cycles/min
  • Sizes: Bound edge min. 148 mm / Unbound edge 105 - 240 mm
  • Book thickness: Max. 10 mm


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RFID Laminating Machine SpeedLiner T-165

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Diversity with Smart Products

Our particularly compact transponder laminating machine SpeedLiner T-165 produces exactly the labels, tickets and hang tags that you require. The current design offers hot melt coating, a new punching concept on a bearer ring basis with extraction as well as a new ticket delivery in the form of a star wheel with discharge belt. During the multi-layer lamination with function test and bad inlay removal, an output of up to 93,000 units/hour is possible. Thanks to the modular construction, the SpeedLiner can be perfectly adapted to your business area.

Technical data:

  • Processing speed: max. 90 m/min (depending on the reading speed)
  • Processing width: 165 mm (6.5")
  • Web width: 175 mm
  • Test modes: Acc. to ISO 15693 (HF), EPC Gen2 (UHF)
  • Dispensing: max. 93,000 units/h
  • Label sizes: Length 38.1-203.2 mm, width 30-165 mm
  • Processes: Hot melt application, register lamination, die cutting, ticket delivery

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