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grupo Portucel Soporcel
3081-851 Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Phone: +351-233 9 00-1 00
Fax: +351-233 9 41-6 50

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Soporset Premium Offset provides an excellent printing quality in 4-colour process and a perfect machine performance. Its remarkable technical characteristics allow it to stand out from its competitors.

Soporset Premium Pre-Print has special intrinsic characteristics that ensure not only the best offset printing performance but also a subsequent customisation in any office equipment with 100% guarantee.

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INASET Plus Offset

A paper with high whiteness, opacity, and bulk that guarantees the excellence in printing. Excellent for four-colour printing. Printing contrast and definition guaranteed by high whiteness. High opacity allows large printed areas without the need to increase grammage

INASET Plus Laser

A paper specially designed for stationery printing with later personalisation in office equipment.Guaranteed for laser and inkjet printers, photocopiers and fax. Excellent performance for both offset printing and personalization in office equipment.

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