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Arets Graphics NV
Tunnelweg 3
2845 Niel, Belgium

Phone: +32-3 8 80 67 45
Fax: +32-3 8 80 67 98

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Product Categories
Printing inks for sheet-fed offset - UV  
Printing inks for web-offset - UV 2 Products
Screen printing inks - UV 1 Product
UV curing varnishes, UV varnishes  
UV adhesives  
Offset continuous printing



Laser-resistant wet offset inks with excellent lithographic properties and optimal UV curing speed for continuous printing as well as for sheetfed paper and board printing.

Offset for food packaging


Letterpress and wet offset inks, characterized by low residual odour, very high reactivity and low migration properties. Excure 30000 series is certified for printing of food packaging.

Screen printing


excure 70000


Screen printing inks for rotary and flatbed screen. Good adhesion on many closed substrates.