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Hunkeler Systeme AG
Industriestrasse 2
4806 Wikon, Switzerland

Phone: +41-62 7 45-77 77
Fax: +41-62 7 45-77 61

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Innovative waste extraction

Individual solutions:
We are your partner, not only where there is production waste such as trim waste, off cuts and dust, but also in the processing of paper and poly wraps, packaging and cardboard.
Our system solutions are proven in the graphic industry, as well as in computer and data centres. We are also well acquainted with the packaging industry’s range of materials such as cardboard and flexible packaging.
For banks, where our systems are used in the destruction of banknotes, and in insurance firms, we implement solutions that meet the highest standards of security and quality.
The primary aim and driving force behind our innovations is our primary aim to contribute greatly towards our customers’ success.