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Bekaert NV/SA
Bekaertstraat 2
8550 Zwevegem, Belgium

Phone: +32-56 76-61 11
Fax: +32-56 76-79 53

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Bookbinding wire - combs wire - O - double loop and spiral


The wire products used for bookbinding application are low carbon wires coated with Zinc, Tin or polymer (PET, Nylon and biodegradable).

The coating has the function to protect the wire against corrosion, improve appearance and reduce friction and tool wear during the forming operation.

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Eco-friendly binding solutions – Ecobind®


Ecobind® is a bookbinding wire coated with a plant based coating that features the same technical properties as any other polymer coating but decomposes completely when left in an industrial composting environment. This makes it the perfect eco-friendly alternative for petroleum based polymers.

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Stitching wire


Round or flat low carbon wire. Galvanized, tines, coppered or polymer coated in several colors.

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