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Bieffebi S.p.A.
Via Frullo, 1
40050 Bologna, Italy

Phone: +39-051 60 69-0 11
Fax: +39-051 76 75-08

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Product Categories
Washing-out units for flexographic printing  
Mounting and registering systems  
Proofing machines (all printing methods) 1 Product
Label processing machines 1 Product
Corrugated board converting machines  


Our laminating systems combine the accuracy of mechanical features and the high quality performance with a modular conception ensuring the flexibility which the PCB market nowadays requires.
Both the manual system and the automatic ones can be enlarged gradually to meet the increase in production requirements.
The user of manual systems can start with the H&C STRATOPRESS and later on add the cooling press (which reduces the cycle time and just as important the power consumption to half), the hydraulic elevator and even a second laminating press.
Interesting layouts can be realized for the automatic system due to its clever design the automatic loading/unloading units combinable with an increasing number of storage units and presses to get highly functional and compact plants.
As an additional field of utilization of these machines, they can be a solution for cards lamination (magnetic cards, bancomat, credit cards, etc.).
Upon customer’s request we can also supply accessories to complete the lines, such as:

Lay-up tablesTraysGravity or motor-driven conveyorsStorage unitsDepinnersOpening tables




MICROMETER with digital read-out, either metric or imperial

2 modes of gauging thickness:

With light pressure for rubber and photopolymer plates as well as other elastomers (foot control pedal)With strong pressure for metal engravings, matrix, paper, film, multilayer circuit boards, cards and other hard materials (manual control)

Mini-processor printing unit (option).