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Bobst S.A.
Route des Flumeaux 50
1001 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone: +41-21 6 21 21 11
Fax: +41-21 6 21 20 70

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Introducing BOBST

Created in 1890 by Joseph BOBST (1862-1935) in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a supplier to the graphic arts industry, BOBST has specialized, under the leadership of Henri BOBST (1897-1975) into the development, the manufacturing, the sale and the service of machines dedicated to the printing, die-cutting, folding and gluing of solid and corrugated board.
The company has been able to grow based on the original solutions its engineers were able to design. Each generation has applied the founders' will in a constant research for products adapted to the needs of the market, and achieved according to strict quality requirements, without technical compromises.

The range of BOBST products is broad and complete. The experience gained thanks to the continuity of its founding concept allows it to expand the boundaries of the productivity of a packaging manufacturing plant.

BOBST owes its leading position to a renowned mastery in research, development, manufacturing, sales and service. Its equipment for the production of packaging and other printed materials in solid and corrugated board benefits from an international reputation. Its employees have one goal: lay out the route to success for its customers.

Its aim to support customers and to put forward several means of creating maximum value in their market has been taken into account . As a matter of fact, its activity develops into a relationship which is reliable on a long term basis. Total quality is a working principle with the aim to assure machines working at their maximum capacity. The development of its sales and service network makes it the only partner of the industry to be active worldwide, and able to offer tailored products to the local market, as well as all the necessary advice for a suitable choice.

BOBST benefits from the manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, Brazil, China and India.