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IKS Klingelnberg GmbH
In der Fleute 18, Industriegebiet Bergisch Born
42897 Remscheid, Germany

Phone: +49-21 91 9 69-0
Fax: +49-21 91 9 69-1 11


Diacarb siehe/see IKS Klingelnberg GmbH · TKM siehe/see IKS Klingelnberg GmbH

Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Printing machines for tin printing  
Printing machines for label printing  
Printing machines for tissue printing  
Printing machines for security printing  
Sheet feeders, layboys, sheet deliveries  
Slitting and cross cutting machines  
Reel slitters, inline  
Reel splicers, autopasters  
Roller cleaning systems  
Roller washing machines  
Washing equipment for machine components  
Cutting machines and cutting systems  
Slitters and cross cutters  
High-speed cutting machines  
Trimming drums  
Machines and equipment for book and brochure production  
Book manufacturing lines  
Three-knife trimmers  
Perfect binding machines  
Gathering and stitching machines  
Book block collating machines  
Die-cutting machines  
Rotary die-cutting machines  
Creasing, scoring, slitting and cross cutting machines (combined)  
Cardboard shears and cardboard cutting machines  
Cross cutters  
Exercise book manufacturing machines  
Size cutting machines and systems  
Slitters and cross cutters  
Reel slitting and rewinding machines  
Circular shears  
Corrugated board making machines  
Paper handkerchief making machines  
Toilet paper making machines  
Roller washing and maintenance products  
Blanket washing and rejuvenating solutions  
Knives & grinding machines 1 Product
Maschinenmesser für die Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie


Unser Lieferprogramm für die Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie umfaßt: Kreisobermesser