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WIFAG-Polytype Holding AG
26, rte de la Glâne, P.O. Box 11 84
1701 Fribourg, Switzerland

Phone: +41-26 4 26 11 11
Fax: +41-26 4 26 11 12

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Product Categories
Product Categories
Web-fed printing machines - heatset  
Web-fed printing machines - coldset  
Web-fed inkjet printing systems  
Other digital printing methods  
Printing machines for tin printing  
Printing machines for printing on non-flat substrates - doming  
Foil printing machines  
Corrugated board printing and converting systems  
Unwinding units  
Rewinding units  
Web guides  
Web inspection and control systems  
Folders for web-fed presses  
Colour measurement and control systems  
Dampening systems, spray dampening systems  
Coating units  
Control console technology  
Edge trim extraction units  
Reel slitters, inline  
Reel splicers, autopasters  
IR/dry air dryers, IR/hot air dryers  
Roller cleaning systems  
Roller washing machines