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Rue Gutenberg, BP 109
68172 Rixheim, France

Phone: +33-3 89 54 27 33
Fax: +33-3 89 65 10 30

Interactive Plan

Product Categories
Lines to produce standard paper tubes


A very standard line is our LT 225 (for a diameter range of 25 to 280 mm) with single knife or multi-knife cutting systems and a maximum number of 24 plies. Here too, PAKEA offers several alternative unwinding and gluing systems.

For even smaller tubes, we offer our LT 110 (for a diameter range of 12 to 150 mm) running up to 12 plies.

All our winders are equipped with the mandrel deflection compensation system, the pneumatical belt tensioner, the powerful AC drive motors with vectorial drive, and with a unique stabilized belt drive ensuring high radial pressure on the tube and a better pulling of the paper plies, without slipping.

Edge protector machine, paper profile machine and production


Paper profiles are becoming more and more popular to protect and secure your products and stabilize and reinforce your packagings.

PAKEA. developed a complete range of profiling and laminating lines to produce various paper profiles mainly including edge protectors, flat, “C” , “L” , omega and "U" - shaped profiles.

Unwinder Full Speed


Technical specifications

-Reel diameter : 1270 / 1500 / 1850 / 2150 mm
-Reel width : up to 3000 mm
-Working and splicing speed : up to 1000 m/min
-Material : Film - Paper - Cardboard - Complexes up to 500 gsm


-Coating / Laminating
-Paper printing

Basis equipments

-Overlap splice
-Reel taking with concentrically expanding chucks for cores of 6 inch. id.
-Motorized reel loading directly up from floor
-One unwind direction
-Motorized reel braking by AC motor
-Dancing roller assembly for web tension regulation


-Second web unwinding direction
-Automatic release of the splice at a pre-set reel diameter
-Analogical modem
-others (according to the application)