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Global Vision Inc.
15795 Gouin Blvd. West
H9H 1C5 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Phone: +1-514-624-4422
Fax: +1-514-624-7633

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Company Figures
Number of employees20-49
Sales volume (in K)10-49 Mio US $
Export contentmax. 10%
Year of foundation1990
Area of business
  • Prepress and Premedia
  • Print
  • Postpress and Paper Converting
  • Services and Software
Company Profile
About Global Vision

Whether working in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, legal, or graphic industries, bosses must rely on their employees' meticulous attention to detail and work ethic to help maintain the company's strict standards of excellence. But humans are not foolproof; we all can make mistakes that might cost our businesses precious time, money, and resources. How can businesses guard themselves against human error?

In recent years, automated proofreading software has taken over the market as the #1 tool for label inspection. Pioneered by Global Vision Inc., this innovative software has proven effective at eradicating errors in artwork and text related documents. Lauded for its accuracy, simplicity, and rapidity, Global Vision Inc. Inc.'s automated proofreading software is now used in 15 out of 20 of the top pharmaceutical companies around the world. Global Vision Inc.'s product is designed to accurately proofread a 60 page document in a matter of seconds. A valuable proofreading solution for manufacturing plants, graphic groups, and legal offices, Global Vision Inc.'s advanced technology is in high demand around the world. Businesses looking to maximize potential and production and increase accuracy, turn to Global Vision Inc.'s label inspection technology to perfect their manuscripts, contracts, press sheets, films, advertisements, and more.

Global Vision Inc.'s technology works through methods of comparison. The automated Global Vision Inc. proofreading system quickly scans two documents for any indiscretions in their graphics or text. Designed to locate and flag missing text, incorrect font type and/or size, location changes, color discrepancies, broken type, and more, Global Vision Inc.'s program is looking to simplify and speed up the proofreading process. Global Vision Inc. offers multiple products that proofread everything from normal text documents in any language to artwork, graphics, and Braille.

Industries around the globe are heavily text based. Whether publishing manuscripts or books, producing contracts, or writing labels, the majority of companies rely almost exclusively on text to communicate with consumers and build their products. What if the label on a medicine bottle is one decimal off? Or there are several major typos in a new book? Companies need to look for effective proofreading solutions to uphold the standards of their products and services.

Global Vision Inc. offers the Docu-Proof text comparator. Unlike any other automated proofreading technology, Global Vision Inc.'s Docu-Proof is capable of comparing unlike files in virtually any language. This Global Vision Inc. technology makes it simple for people to quickly and easily find and correct mistakes in fonts, deletions, spelling, location, and inserts. Pharmaceutical companies will be satisfied with Global Vision Inc. Docu-Proof's complete medical dictionary, whereas other companies can easily build their own dictionaries to suit their individual needs. In addition, this Global Vision Inc. product is FDA and EMEA compliant.