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Eral Makina
Namik Kemal Mah. Adile Nasit Bulvari 150. Sokak No:5 Haramidere Esenyurt
34513 Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90-212 6 90 00 40
Mobile: (+90-554) 9 37 59 31
Fax: +90-212 4 28 69 92

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Product Categories
Air Mandresl


Cylinders to be used for the assembly of the sleeves.
There are radial and axial air holes on the body

Outer surface is chrome coated

Chrome Coated Cylinders


Cylinders to be used in all industries. Mirror surface can be obtained by grinding, super finishing and lapping operations.
The advantages of the chrome coating are;

• To get perfect surface roughness after grinding operation
• To prevent the possible defects on the surface by HRC 65-68 surface hardness

Cylinder Assembly Apparatus


Special apparatus to be used to assemble the conical cylinders to the machine

Flexo Plate Cylinders


Cylinders to be used in the flexo printing machines.
There are reference lines on the body for the alignment of the rubber cliché

Heat Transfer Cylinders


Cylinders to be used for the heating or cooling purposes in different industries.

In general, hot oil or water is used at open systems and heating resistance is used at closed circuits.
Construction of these cylinders is designed either by the customer or by our company.
Especially in plastic industry, by using special quality of steel material, we prevent the deformations on the surface of the mirror face cylinders and undesirable lines on the surface of the materials.
Below written specifications are followed depending on the purposes;
• Steel surface hardness: 60 Hrc
• Surface coating: Hard chrome, 62 – 65 Hrc
• Hardening: Induction
• Surface quality: Ra 0.01
• Material: Seamless Steel Pipe
• Stress relieving: Applied for all cylinders

Idle Rollers


Cylinders to be used to align and to enlarge the material during the process. These rollers are being produced mostly for the machine producers.

Main features are;
• Material; aluminum and/or steel,
• Helical and/or straight lines on the surface

Rolling Plant Cylinders


Cylinders to be used especially in iron and steel industry as hot or cold rolls or conveyor rolls

Rotogravure Cylinders (Steel Base)


Cylinders to be used in the rotogravure printing machines.
There are two types of these cylinders; shafted and conical

• Material : (St52)-(St37-2)-(100Cr6)
• Wall thickness : Depends on the customer requirements but mostly between 12-18 mm.
• Surface quality : Ra0,8 (Max.)
• Balance : ISO1940 G6.3

Rubber Coated Rollers


We also supply complete rubber coated cylinders with below listed coating specifications;

NR Naturel Rubber
SBR Stiren Bütadien Rubber
CR Kloropren Rubber ( Neopren )
NBR Nitrile Rubber
CSM Hypalon Rubber
VMQ Silicone Rubber
FKM Viton Rubber

Special Purpose Cylinders


Cylinders, produced as custom made, according to the needs of the customers