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Compart AG
Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 38
71034 Böblingen, Germany

Phone: +49-70 31 62 05-0
Fax: +49-70 31 62 05-5 55

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20 Years Competence & Experience

Compart is a leading manufacturer of scalable and platform-independent software solutions for the processing and optimization of documents and data streams from different sources and all standard output channels. The DocBridge® product range allows for a flexible and efficient processing of high-volume flows of data and documents – these can be used for the output on necessary output channels such as printers, archives, emails, hybrid email solutions or web-portals. These include solutions for the optimisation and conversion of document formats or their modification, the display of these documents, and the comparison of documents with the same content but a different format.

Due to the high vertical range of production and independence from operating systems, Compart products also meet high requirements in terms of reproduction quality, performance and platform independence. Compart products support almost all standard system platforms, from Windows to UNIX or z/OS in the mainframe market segment.

Compart solutions are used in medium and large-scale companies across all industries. The implementation and maintenance of these solutions is guaranteed through an accompanying offer of support and consultation services as well as project management from its subsidiary companies Compart Deutschland GmbH, Compart North America Inc., Compart Iberia S.L., Compart Nordic ApS., Compart France S.A.S. and a number of partners. For information about Compart and visit