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Aerospace Town, South Suburbs, Changan District
Xi'an 710100, China, People's Republic of

Phone: +86-29 85 20 62 60
Mobile: +86 1 36 36 65 77 60
Fax: +86-29 85 20 60 23


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Product Categories
"Booming" CI Flexo Press


"Booming" CI Flexo Press

Printing material: PE, OPP, PET and the like
Printing colors: 6/8
Max. web width: 1220mm
Printing repeat length: 400-800mm
Max. machine speed: 300m/min
Max. unwind/rewind dia.: 600mm
Heating method: electrical/steam/hot oil/gas
Motor power: 60KW
Machine size (L×W×H): 11m×4.5m×4.8m

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"E-Film" CI Flexo Press


Printing material: OPP, PE, PET, pearlised film and the like
Web width: 1270mm
Printing colors: 6/8/10
Web thickness: 12-70μm
Printing repeat length: 380-880mm
Max. machine speed: 460m/min
Max. unwind/rewind dia.: 800mm
Heating method: electrical/steam/hot oil/gas
Motor power: 155KW
Machine size (L×W×H): 13.5m×5m×5.5m

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OF3 High Speed Gravure Press


Main parameter:
Printing material:                    OPP、PET、PE and the like(18-70μm)
No. of colors:                          4-12
Web width:                             600mm~1050mm
Plate cylinder dia. (perimeter): Φ120mm~Φ300mm(377mm~943mm)
Max. machine speed:               200m/min(plate cylinder dia. ≥Φ160mm)
Max. printing speed:                180m/min(plate cylinder dia. ≥Φ160mm)
Unwind/rewind dia.:                 Ф600mm
Register precision:                   ±0.1 mm
Heating method:                      electrical heating/steam/oil/gas

Main features:
PLC control;
Zero speed difference splice;
Automatic register;
Precision tension control;
Low temperature, high speed wind drying;
External disc unwind/rewind device;

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“E-top” Cigarette Package High Speed Gravure Press


Main parameter:
Machine speed: 280m/min
Register precision: ±0.1mm
Unwind/rewind dia.: φ1500mm
No. of colors: 8(can add/reduce)
Heating method: oil/gas/electrical heating

Main features:
All Servo-control system;
Web lead easily;
Zero speed web delivery;
Plate cylinder dolly can realize quickly reel-change;
Printing material: paper 70 ~ 350g/㎡;
Printing type: cigarette package, package box and bag;
Can add: cross cut on line, die cutting, crush mark and embossing

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"Supermachine" wallpaper printing & embossing production lin


Main parameter:
Material:                              PVC coated paper 120-650g/㎡
                                          Paper 90~200g/㎡
                                          Non-woven paper110~170 g/㎡
Mechanical speed:               Max 80m/min
Operation speed:                 Max 60m/min(≥450g/㎡,speed 45m/min)
Printing register:                  ±0.15mm
Embossing register:             ±0.4mm
Width of web:                      730mm,560mm
Width of wallpaper:              700mm,530mm
Width of guide roller:           900mm
Ink:                                   Water based ink and solvent ink
Max unwind diameter:         φ1100mm
Heating style:                     oil heating

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"Supermachine" wallpaper rotary screen & gravure printing pr


Main parameter:
Material: PVC coated paper 120-600g/㎡
Paper 90~200g/㎡
Non-woven paper110~170 g/㎡
Mechanical speed: Max 80m/min
Operation speed: Max 60m/min(≥450g/㎡, speed 45m/min)
Rotary screen regisiter: ±0.4mm
Printing register: ±0.15mm
Embossing register: ±0.4mm
Width of web: 730mm,560mm
Width of wallpaper: 700mm,530mm
Width of guide roller: 900mm
Ink: Water based ink and solvent ink

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"Supermachine" wallpaper rotary screen printing production l


Main parameter:
Material:                                   PVC coated 120-400g/㎡
                                                 Paper 90~120 g/㎡
                                                 Non-woven 110~170 g/㎡
Mechanical speed:                     Max. 60m/min
Operation speed:                       Max. 40m/min
Rotary screen printing register:  ±0.4mm
Width of web:                            760mm,560 mm
Width of wallpaper:                    700mm,530mm
Ink:                                          Water based ink and solvent ink
Heating method:                        oil heating system

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