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Artifex Software Inc.
7 Mt. Lassen Dr. A-134
San Rafael, CA 94903, USA

Phone: +1-415 4 92-98 61
Fax: +1-415 4 92-98 62


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Company Figures
Year of foundation1993
Area of business
  • Prepress and Premedia
  • Print
  • Services and Software
Company Profile
Artifex Software Inc.

Artifex Software Inc. is the exclusive licensing agent for the highly regarded Artifex Ghostscript® PostScript, XPS, PDF and PCL interpreter technologies. Ghostscript software began in 1986 as a freely available alternative to Adobe's PostScript products and is now widely recognized as a premiere independent implementation of all the leading page description languages. Artifex also developed and distributes the high-performance PDF rendering engine "MuPDF"

Leader in Open Technologies

Known for its unique open architecture, availability of source code, responsive support and portability across an enormous range of CPU's, operating systems and output devices, Ghostscript software has long been considered one of the best pieces of freely available software on the Net.

Serving Industry Leaders Worldwide

The growing number of Artifex's licensees worldwide evidences our successful application of these technologies in the commercial arena. Our clients include such industry leaders as two divisions of Hewlett Packard, IBM, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, and Xerox. Please check out our list of customers on our "Technology Customers" page.

Demonstrated Reliability and Performance

We've earned the confidence of our OEM customers through demonstrated reliability and highly competitive results on performance benchmarks. Each generation of Artifex's technologies reaches maturity through the scrutiny of dozens of external beta testers and thousands of diverse users on the Internet. Before release to customers, Artifex's products are validated with the demanding Quality Logic conformance test suites (the de facto industry compatibility standard).

Expert, Responsive Customer Support

The foundation of Artifex's technical excellence is our experienced team of design engineers and QA experts. Our staff includes some the most senior PostScript and PCL technologists available in the industry. They provide responsive support for our existing technologies, as well as the expertise to extend those capabilities both as a part of our continuous product improvement process and by targeted development projects in response to specific customer needs.

Committed to Current and Emerging Technologies

As a technology provider, Artifex Software Inc. is committed to offering complete and independent implementations of all the commercially important high-level PDL's for the printing and document processing industry. Artifex Software Inc. is continually expanding its array of interpreter and font offerings to meet the current and emerging needs of our OEM customers.

Artifex's Track Record

Artifex Software Inc. began in 1993 as the exclusive commercial licensing agent for the Ghostscript interpreter technologies of Aladdin Enterprises. Ghostscript software was the first independent implementation of PDF and PCLXL. With an increasing presence in both host-based and embedded applications, Ghostscript technologies set the pace for PostScript, PDF, PCL5 and PCLXL.

Open Technology

In support of the concept of open technology, Ghostscript software was created as a fully functional, cross-platform PostScript interpreter with source code availability. Originally distributed as a freely available end-user package, Ghostscript software became highly sought after by OEMs who wanted to license it for their own products. Thus, Artifex was created to facilitate transfer of freely available software to commercial licensing applications.