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7/F East Block 203, Terra Industry & Trade Park, Che Gong Miao
Futian, Shenzhen 000852, China, Hongkong, Special Administrative Region

Phone: +86 7 55-83 43-88 81
Fax: +86 7 55-83 43-25 68

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Ez-Film™ Steel


Ez-Film™ Steel is a flexible and printable magnetic receptive material. It’s not magnet but can be easily placed on magnetic boards. This easy-to-change and long term durable film has good holding power and stability, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor POP when you use magnetic boards together.

If you use Ez-Film™ Steel & Ready-Mag™ Back Panel together to make up a MACO™ Rapid Display POP System, it will give you an innovative, standard, unified and simple POP way.

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