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Via Longhin 71
35129 Padova, Italy

Phone: +39-049 8 69 71
Fax: +39-049 8 69 72 12

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Paper with special coating treatment that will generate a copy under proper pressure, sometimes called carbonless duplicator paper. In effect it does the same job as carbon paper but without carbon interleaves or carbon coating. The carbonless copy paper combines excellent printing performance with best copy intensity.

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Cast Coated


A high gloss, mirror-like surface, one side or two sides. Allowing the coating to harden while in contact with chromium polished surfaced coats cast coated paper.In the process of cast coating, the coated paper is press against a solid, highly polished chrome surface while the coating is in a plastic condition. The gloss of the drum is thereby cast into the coated surface after drying. The coated finish is similar to the surface it has been in contact with during drying.

Cast coated paper possess high bulk & high ink absorbing qualities since the mirror like finish is obtained without calendaring. Cast coated paper are the glossiest of all coated paper and used for advertising, graphic board, covers, greeting card, packaging, labels, and where high gloss, bulk & stiffness is required.

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Coated paper


Coated paper and paper board are created to fulfill many special need other than uncoated paper can provide, our coated paper and paper board produced with the best combination of excellent coated material and base paper to provide better properties on the surface and also properties of the paper and board itself.

Blue Centre Art Card

The paper that coated on both sides and with special blue dyes in the inner layer to improve the opacity. It is excellent to be used as playing card.

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