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PulseForge® 1100


Process and Application Development

The PulseForge 1100 from NovaCentrix is specifically designed as a process and application development tool. Designed for use by researchers and engineers in printed electronics, this tool is used in the development of innovative products in markets such as solar, rfid, smart cards, smart packaging, and displays – products which offer better performance, at less cost, and often in new, flexible form factors.

The basis of this ability is the patented use of light energy. The PulseForge tools do not use lasers, are not based on UV lamps, and are not traditional ovens. Instead, they are built around proprietary lamps that can process wide areas at a time, without rastering, and that have the capability to deliver significant energy to the surface of the application–enough to sinter metal inks. What makes PulseForge tools even more special, though, is that they do this in milliseconds. By processing the inks so quickly, the substrates on which they are printed are unaffected. As a result, inks can be sintered on substrates with low melting temperatures, such as thin plastics like PET, PVC, polyethylene, and other materials such as paper. Additionally, because of the very high processing speeds, alternative conductive materials such as copper can now be used effectively.

The PulseForge 1100 is very simple to operate, in spite of the complexity of the technology inside. Researchers and engineers can quickly move through feasibility tests as well as elaborate Design of Experiment programs.

Advanced Nanopowders


NovaCentrix’ patented synthesis technology produces metal and metal oxide nanopowders with excellent dispersability in both aqueous and solvent-based systems. The nanoparticles are produced as dry, unfunctionalized particles, and can be shipped as powders or tuned dispersions. Several standard average particle size options exist, and custom sizes and products can be produced.

The uniqueness of the NovaCentrix process allows precise control of the particle size from as small as 10 nm to 100 nm and larger.

NovaCentrix materials have a number of distinct advantages:

Tight size control.High purity.Excellent dispersability.

Standard products include silver (25nm) and aluminum (80nm). Custom sizes in quantities greater than 10 kg can also be produced.

For additional product information, including current availability as well as other material types,
contact us directly.



Nanopowder Reactor Technology