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U.M. Kereskedelmi Kft
Bányalég u. 44
1225 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-1 2 07-51 04
Fax: +36-1 2 07-29 46

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Product Categories
Cutting Boards


Typ NL natural Shore hardness: D 85
Special board for every application, but especially for e.g.: Thin materials like textiles, synthetics, foamed material, compo leather and many more

Typ JN 480 natural Shore hardness: D 75
Universal/allround cutting board for all machines and materials.

Cutting Presses


Take advantage of our more than 40 years old experience gained in the field of cuttingstechnolology. We can offer you the suitable cutter machine, cutting rules and underplate for the suitable materials.

Cutting Rules


Rules of flat or cylinder tool, we can offer in length 1 m, or in coils 0,4-2,12 mm (1pt-6 pt).