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infuniq systems GmbH
Rellinghauser Straße 332
45136 Essen, Germany

Phone: +49-201 52 36 74-1 00
Fax: +49-201 52 36 74-1 10

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prozess-oriented usability and flexible data-handling

The infuniq®pure module is the source for all other system modules. All processes dealing with maintenance and administration of information objects e.g. products and documents are covered through infuniq®pure. You can define maintenance structures (Meta data, characteristics, attributes, etc.) or create hierarchical levels.
Thanks to a well-structured tab system, generating catalogues and defining product portfolios becomes very simple. The complete historicizing and version control of the product information shows you what kind of modification was undertaken at what point in time. In addition, the integrated media administration enables you to structure and administer information objects such as images, diagrams, audio or video files. Individually expandable Meta information allows you to file further information to the media. In this way, you can administer media that is not product relevant. You can search through any media according to different criteria, e.g. according to key words or attributes.

This is what infuniq®pure can do:

  • Inheritance of information and languages
  • Mass data maintenance Media pool for the administration of documents, images, audio and video files in any formatCatalogue management
  • Version control / HistoryAdministration of users
  • SOAP-interfaceStandard export in XML format
  • Master data import from enterprise resource planning

infuniq systems offers you the modularly structured Product Information Management System infuniq® for sustainable master data management and multi-channel publishing.


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create automated print-catalogues directly in Adobe® Indesign®

You have high expectations of the design of your print documents, but you do not want to dispense with producing your catalogues automatically? With infuniq®print you can create professional print documents within no time at all. Creating various print documents is possible with the plug-in for the desktop publishing program Adobe InDesign. In the shortest amount of time and with minimum effort you can define and publish target group specific marketing documents: from trade catalogues to brochures and flyers. The bidirectional connection to Adobe InDesign allows you to automatically generate print documents fast and easily. Whether you have in-house designers or freelancers, they can be included in the creation process, through accessing a central and consistent data basis. Thanks to the direct integration in InDesign, the contents are always connected to the data basis. This way, you can check for any changes of the contents after layout finish.

With infuniq®print you can:

  • Define and publish various catalogues
  • Administer print templates
  • Define template flows according to the objects of a catalogue
  • Update InDesign documents even though their finishing process has already been completed without losing any information
  • Automatically generate catalogues that have already been created

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