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TiMATEC COATING GMBH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
Dröschitzer Weg 39
9220 Velden, Austria

Phone: +43 4274 500200-1
Fax: +43 4272 4505055

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For roller- or sandwich lamination with PP-foils

With this COATING line we are manufacturing a new generation of EPS insulation systems for the floor heating or cooling Systems. The lamination of EPS – sheets with PP-foils for the floor heating or cooling revolutionized the EPS – market. This new systems are significantly cheaper from the costs and also for faster installation. In addition to the insulation in different thicknesses is now also the installation of hoses very flexibile and also a fast installation. This heating hoses for floor heating or cooling can now with a special TAKERSYSTEM to the laminated foil resp. the EPS rolls or plates can be installed.

The installation of the heating hoses is now possible much more flexible. The insulation roller production in lengths from 4 -12 m, the installation of the insulation be done in short time. The quality of the EPS insulation at rolls or plates has automatically by the block pressing the step sound solution quality and this prevents after years to get the insulation not get the shrinkage process.

This EPS - laminating lines we have also in multifunctional execution in the program.
In addition to manufacturing of roller program with foil lamination, is also the production of single plates and sandwich plates with foils possible. In addition, is also the lamination of EPS single plates with RIGIPS or FERMACELL plates possible.
The attachment of self-adhesive tapes resp. double-sided adhesive tapes to the PP-foils guarantees a fixed unit without cold bridges at overlapping carrier film to the next EPS - roller.

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Rotaryscreen printing machine with Magnetsystem. Dosing roller or squeegee devices with Magnet pressure.

The printing station can be executed for slope or vertical pull-off into the dryer.
Printing of various pastes on various materials and surfaces with V/max. up to 100 m/min. Combination with VARIOROL or ROLLonROL - system is possible. For such combinatios the Magnetbeam can be made adjustable inside the Magnetroller.
Working widths from Laboratory size up to 3.500 mm working width. Patents pending!

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VARIOROL Magnet-Roller

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This technology has been already in use for over 40 years in the printing- and coating industry developed positively. Based on this we have further developed this magnet coating system and make for the new VARIOROL - coating technology.

A steplessly coating quantity regulation and also change to a different working width during production - with no production stopp and no change the dosing rollers - was the solution. This system is now successfully over 10 years at the coating market.

The coating applications are at the web materials (paper, cardboard, corrugated board, foils) from laboratory to the production 3.5 m working widths. A guarantee of coating thickness over the web width and web length is given.

This technology is the consistent further development of the Magnet-Roller -System already on the market for over 30 years.The substantial feature of our technology is, to predose a certain amount of substance with the help of a driven Dosingroll onto the surface of the Magnetroller, which serves as transfer element. Direction of rotation, speed of rotation (friction) and the length, as well as the pressure of transfer onto the material are reproducible adjusted.

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