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Apex Group of Companies
Metaalweg 8, P.O. Box 41
5527 AK Hapert, Netherlands

Phone: +31-497 36 11 11
Fax: +31-497 36 11 22

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Product Categories
Printing forme production for flexographic printing 1 Product
Copying equipment for flexo plate printing 1 Product
Coating units  
Metering rollers  
Inking rollers  
Coating rollers  
Anilox rollers 1 Product
Formes for flexographic printing  
Sleeves for flexographic printing  
Accessories for printing plate production  
Roller coverings  
Special consumables for printing - others  
Roller washing and maintenance products 1 Product
Test printing devices (also see Laboratory printing devices)  
Anilox roll measurement devices 1 Product
Test formes, test printing formes  
Bridge and Mounting sleeves


Flexo-Experten sollten einen kurzen Blick auf das „Geheimrezept“ der Apex FlexoKitchen werfen: Das X-Sleeve Projekt, die nächste Generation von ultra-leichtgebauten, langlebigen Montage- und Brücken-Sleeves.

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Bridge and Mounting Sleeves


Flexographers will welcome a peek at Apex’s secret X-Sleeve project: next-generation lightweight and durable plate-mounting and bridge sleeves.

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Anilox rolls


Apex distinguishes itself by the independent cause to lead the field in anilox laser engraving technology. Unique is the UltraMelt laser technology. Apex uses this post-treatment technique to provide all her laser engraved anilox rolls with a melted layer making the surface smooth and shining like a mirror!

Homogenous ceramic layer (porosity less 1%)
Apex manufactures a homogenous and compact ceramic layer of unequalled quality thanks to the specially in-house developed plasma technology, with a porosity less than 1% without using any sealer nor using a post treatment. The hardness of the ceramic layer is 1400-1500 HV.

Ultracell and Ultracell Plus, newest screen developments
Decreased chances of score-lines, longer life-time and improved cleaning characteristics are the most eye catching advantages of Apex’ anilox rolls. Co² is the standard engraving quality and alternatives are the Apex UltraCell and UltraCell Plus engraving qualities. Apex manufactures all types of screen developments and specifications. Amongst these are: Regular hexagonal and elongated cells, Pyramid cells, Positive screens, Trihelical and Channellox engravings.

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BioJet cleaning systems and BioClean Liquids


Mechanical deep-cleaning of anilox rolls (In-press/Cabinet; Service)
For the mechanical deep-cleaning of anilox rolls, Apex offers following options: BioJet In-Press for cleaning of anilox rolls directly in the machine. BioJet Cabinet for cleaning of anilox rolls outside the machine. All types of inks, water-, solvent based and UV inks and even 2 – component coatings are removed by using special dry Sodium Bicarbonate powder for anilox rolls in the cleaning systems. An exclusive co-operation with BicarBlast for a cleaning service in/out house.

Bioclean for daily and periodical cleaning
Apex offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for daily and periodical cleaning of anilox rolls, plates, etc. Different products are available for Water based inks, UV inks or Solvent based inks.

Apex offers a a safe, operator- and environmentally friendly way of cleaning anilox rolls.



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Ravol Liquid Volume Test


The Ravol Liquid Volume Test is the first and only quality-certified measurement system available in the market. The printing process is copied; a certain amount of ink is spread by means of a doctor blade onto the anilox roll. The volume is then measured and calculated. 

It is easy to handle and accurate. Within two minutes a printer can tell either a roll is able to produce a certain colour density again, or it needs cleaning or renovation. There is no need to dismantle an anilox roll from the machine and waste valuable printing time. The printer can make an inventory of the usable anilox rolls at any time and prevent problems to occur.

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